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public vs private and recommendation of any OB/GYN Lock Rss

Good Morning Everyone,

Just to give you all a little bit of background- I have been TTC for a while, went through IVF and i finally got my positive! according to the app on my phone i am 5 weeks pregnant.. I will be due in December!!! I know its a little early but can anyone recommend an OB in Western Sydney? this is my first pregnancy, I'm uncertain about going public or private- would love to hear about everyone's opinion/experience on that! I had my IVF at Westmead hospital, but my doctor is a fertility specialist and doesn't deliver babies any more.. so i thought i would get in early with research! smile

Thank you smile hope you all have a wonderful day!
Hi, sent you a follow request if you decide to go private and are in north west Sydney.
There's a lot of info around about public versus private. It really depends on whether what you're looking for. I've used 2 hospitals and private OBs, including Westmead, before and the experiences have all been positive.
Thank you Little Miss'. Thank you for getting back to me. That is some great information- this is what i love about these forums.. i feel so lost, being my first time, its all new to me and i dont know what to do first. im excited though! All good with the typo's hehe, i can only imagine how hard it would be to type when you have a little helper! hehe how cute though smile
Thanks Miss Belle- i am in western sydney so im hoping to find a OB at westmead, could you recommend an OB that delivers at westmead? smile
Hi and congratulations! ! I had dd at Norwest Private with Dr Gary Sykes
He was amazing, kind, caring. Visited everyday I was in hospital and I had an uncomplicated delivery despite being 4 weeks early. My DH was able to help deliver dd.
I will use him and Norwest again. Great hospital.

Starseed sorry just read you want to go to westmead. Its only up the road from norwest so you coukd ask dr sykes, also at westmead I've heard good things about Dr wilson (he's at norwest) and I dr chau.

Hey steph19,

Thank you! smile
I will give them both a call tomorrow! So many options... smile I'm getting brain overload! I just need to find one by Wednesday- that's my deadline I've given myself! I like to be organised and have everything in order. Silly question but what does dd and dh short for? Don't really know the abbreviations for huggies forum?
Dd - darling or dear daughter
Dh - darling or dear husband

No problem. Gary sykes has a good website too with heaps of info about appointments etc. To be honest I first went with him because his secretaries were so helpful! I found most useless when I rang up with llts of questions or just rude.

Hi starseed,

I'm due in May and delivering at Westmead Private. We decided to go private because we didn't want to go to the public hospital in our area (you don't have a choice if you go private - it's based on your catchment).

We are seeing Dr Thilee Sivanantham, who is amazing! He is so calm, relaxed and very reassuring! We were looking at going to Westmead Private because of its good reputation and it's fairly close to home. But didn't realise how early you needed to book, so when I rung up at 9 weeks the OBs were almost all booked, but we were able to just get in with Thilee, and we are so glad we went with him!! I can't comment on the delivery obviously, but he's been a great support so far. His total fee is was $2500, payable at 24 weeks, and I think the initial consult was about $250?

I hope this helps.

Congratulations and good luck with finding an OB! smile
Thank you kmalmeida- congratulations. My best friend just had her baby at west mead private- said the staff were great" smile good luck with it all! Is this your first baby?

I've booked with dr kumara siriwardena his office is inside westmead private, I have my first consult in 3 weeks. I hope it all goes well! smile
Oh that's good to hear! smile I've heard of a few people having a great experience there, which is good.

Yep, this is the first one, a baby girl! My hubby and I are very excited!! grin

Good luck! Hope you like Dr Kumara! And best of luck with the pregnancy! smile
Hey steph19,

Thanks for that.. i had no idea what dd and dh is... smile
so ive made 2 bookings and will decide tonight which one to go for.. im thinking the westmead is closer and quicker to get to then norwest. i had googled it and although the timing is both the same, its actually takes less then 30mins to get to westmead.
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