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Does the morning sickness ever end? Losing hope! Rss

Hi there ladies smile

I hope you're all well! I'm new here and wanted to post as I feel desperate for some support.

I'm 16 weeks pregnant today and have had awful morning sickness (actually, all day and night sickness) since 6.5 weeks. I havn't managed to gain any weight yet and unfortunately have had to go onto anti-nausea drugs to help me hold food down. I'm on ondansetron 3x a day. I was so resistant to taking them but threw up so hard and so much the other night that I gave myself a freaking hemmoroid (sorry, too much info, I know!)- so I buckled and am now taking the pills religiously! Yes, they do help... but I still feel nauseaus most of the time, exhausted, depressed and really terrified that it'll be like this the whole 9 months! I'm normally such a tough girl and can deal with alot, but this is just something else. My mom joked that I do everything 110%, including morning sickness!

I'd like to hear from anybody who has any advice, or has been here before, or can give me some hope lol! I guess I just need to talk about it to people who understand.

Having said all this, I am very grateful to be pregnant and that it happened so easily for me. I'm also taking what positives I can from this and know that once healthy again - I am not going to take it for granted... sometimes it takes being sick to appreciate true wellness!

Kia Kaha friends smile

Hi Shaye

I feel for you! Yeah don't know why they call it morning sickness, all day sickness is more like it smile
Congrats on your pregnancy anyway!

TBH I didn't overly enjoy being pregnant (mainly due to the ongoing vomiting and sacral iliac joint pain)- tho like you say, felt incredibly lucky and grateful that we were able to conceive in be first place - but I was way more excited about the end of the 9 months and I got to hold her so was counting down the weeks! Plus I had to stop work at 28 weeks as a scan showed her growth had slowed down.

Despite feeling and being sick I made myself graze on snacks high in protein like nuts - almonds, cashews etc, scrambled egg.... Even when i didnt feel like eating i was "doing it for the baby" So i pushed myself mentally along with even "if i feel crap i have to give her the best chance to grow so eat"! Little and often, couldn't seem to eat big meals anymore. And I had a box of complan in the cupboard so when I'd wake in the night would add a couple of spoons of that to milk for a quick snack. The antinausea tabs helped make this possible and the last few months was on omeprazole which made a big difference too.

And I had a bottle of gaviscon in the fridge which I'd slug away at when I needed it! You could try those sea bands that get worn around your wrists, think $15-20 from a pharmacy and that's a natural way to help. And ginger is a natural anti nausea so sipping away at ginger ale / beer / tea can help . Keeping hydrated is important.

Can't promise it will get better! But its so definately all worth it :)Try to keep your spirits up by the thought of holding your baby in 24+/- weeks.... Then all the pregnancy woes will be forgotten and quickly replaced by new worries around bubs feeding and sleeping lol

Hope you start to feel better tho, you never know it might all magically disappear wink
im 34 weeks and still occasionally have morning sickness (a lot of it is from the heat or smells).. around the 20 week mark it would stop for acouple of days than come back again (working early mornings didn't help too much) but I couldn't really find anything that helped (except the fact that when I have heartburn it seems to be a lot worse so I down the chewable tables for heartburn a lot lol) ... Everyone says crackers and snacking before you get up in the morning helps but can be a bit hard when having to get up early for work or with kids etc

I hope yours eases off soon (mine wasn't this bad with my 6 yr old but it was bad between 12-20 weeks than it basicly went away)
Hi , congratulation .

Like you I suffered from severe hyperemesis during my last pregnancy. I ended up being hospitalised twice with dehydration because I couldn't even keep water down.

When it's your first pregnancy , sometimes it's hard to comprehend, but it won't go on forever. It's a yucky time, but once your baby is born the sickness will disappear and you will all but forget about it.

Until then, eat little and often , keep the meds up and talk to your dr about your doses because your needs may change as your hormone levels do. Keep the fluids up by sipping, as it's easier to dehydrate when you are pregnant. Eat what you fancy, and what you know you will keep down. Don't get to hung up on the right diet.

Also know that babies are really resilient, they continue to thrive in there, even when you feel like poo!

For me I was severely ill until about 20 weeks. I thought I was home free, but sadly it returned at 32 weeks. I was still vomiting until about three days after she was born.

But, she was totally worth it as I look down and see her sleeping next to me right now, so try and focus on that, also, I had no baby weight to lose, in fact I lost 4kgs.

You aren't alone. Ask for help from those around you if you aren't coping, and have faith it will go away soon smile good luck

Hi Shaye, I feel for you! I was like with my first pregnancy, but it did slow down at about 17 weeks! I was all day every day from about 7 weeks until then, but then it slowed down to only once or twice a day which was nice and the nauseous feeling between disappeared. The only thing that I have found that helps was some natural spray that you put under your tongue called Nausea Relief by Martin & Pleasance which I got at a health shop. Other than that, have you tried acupressure bracelets? Goodluck!
I got hospitalized a number of times and had IVs in (they actually had to call a specialist in to get a vein one time I was that bad that no one else was succeeding!)

I had severe hyperemesis until 20 weeks or there abouts and was on 3 different antiemetics.

I didn't get back to prepregnant weight until I was over 30 weeks pregnant!

Good luck and I hope it goes away soon. There is light at the end of the tunnel one way or another tho... smile
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