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Threatened miscarriage - Subchorionic haemorrhage Lock Rss

On Wednesday last week out of no where with no warning I had a large gush of bright red blood which soaked thru my jeans, after ringing my midwife I was told to go to the A&E...the first Dr did an internal exam and said my cervix was 1cm so miscarriage was likely I then had the same exam with a gyno Dr who gave the same answer however she also got the scan machine which showed baby was moving and heartbeat was still there, I was admitted overnight with a proper scan booked for the next day. I was 13w4d on the Wednesday and the previous day I had, had my NT screening scan done and was not told of any problems. On Thursday afternoon I finally had the scan done which showed again baby was moving and a heartbeat. I now know that the cause of the bleeding is a subchorionic hemorrhage covering approx 50% of the circumference of the sac so is considered large. I have seen my midwife today and baby heart rate & movements heard. I am now 14w5d and the bleeding has eased sometimes none at all or very light but am very worried. Has anyone else experienced something similar? Thanks for reading
A few days before my 12 week scan I was lying in bed and felt dampness. I realised I had bleeding and went to the loo where I had a bright red heavy gush with no clots or bits in it, no pain. I went for a scan the next day (no more bleeding) and the foetus was apparently happy and healthy. They found no explanation for the bleed so they shrugged and called it implantation bleeding even though all the research I had done, implantation bleeding was usually up to 9 weeks and more like spotting. I went on to have a problem free pregnancy and healthy baby.

Hoping for a sticky bubba for you. Let us know how it all goes!

Fingers crossed.

Thank you me too, I've found out more now but not sure if it makes it better or not..
I bled on and off throughout my entire pregnancy which was terrifying. I thought I would loose my baby everytime it happened. I went to emergency so many times I lost count. I was told I had a subchorionic hemorrhage and I also ended up finding out I had placenta previa among numerous other problems. I just wanted to let you know that my baby is now 18 months old and he is a little terrror so even with lots of problems there is still hope so all the best with your pregnancy smile

I had a subchronic haemotoma through my pregnancy with DS. I started spotting the day after my dating scan at 6 weeks 5 days. The spotting continued until 8 weeks when I had a sudden, large loss of blood. After three different scans the haemotoma was identifed and I was warned that I would probably go on bleeding until my body had expelled all the haemotoma. My bleeding continued like the first day of af until I was 12weeks pregnant and then just stopped. At my 19 week scan it was all gone. I didn't have any other related issues through my pregnancy and Ds is now 4 years old.

Hi I too had a Sub chorionic haematoma after my 12 week scan. My bleed was gushing and so heavy I thought I would miscarriage for sure. I bleed for the next 5 weeks but it reduced. At the 20 week scan it was visible but a lot smaller. In that 2 months I had u/s every 2 weeks. Was told 70-80 percent that pregnancy would continue at the time of bleed. Im sure ur pregnancy will continue smoothly. Good luck xx
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