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Pregnant! Lock Rss

So, it's my birthday today and I've just got a positive pregnancy text! I'm am so nervous, scared and excited. How did everyone adjust from 1 baby to 2??

Congratulations, what a lovely birthday present.

Everyone is different going from one to two and if you find it difficult that's ok and asking for help is a good thing to do. For me I found one to two easy I had a 3.5yr gap between the first two. The second one just fits in.
Congratulations!!! oh and happy birthday. Best advise I can give is just go with the flow and don't put any expectations on how you thinks it might or should go because it can be very unpredictable.
Happy birthday & congrats! What a birthday present!
Sorry can't answer your question, due to have #2 very soon. I just plan to take things as they come and accept offers from family to take ds1 out by himself sometimes so I can have time with just the baby. Then also have special ds1 time sometimes while baby is sleeping & do his favourite things with him.

Congratulations and happy birthday! smile

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