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A little confused - bleeding. Lock Rss

Confused: My ovulation dates were between 7-11th June 2014. Around the 13th i started having some bleeding. first lot just a discharge with a little swirl of blood. Then nothing for a day, when I had the little light blood. Since that time I have had a small amount of dark colour. Since 15th I have wiped once and had a bright red smear and now just its just little bits when I go in the morning. Have experienced a heaviness in the bladder, tender breasts (on off). I am not sure if its implantation as it seems to have started quicker than what I have read about.

My period isn't due until the 26/27th of June. I guess I will know then if its implantation or not but I am 38 years old and I guess the not knowing is driving me insane. Has anyone experienced this?
Difficult to say without knowing more about your background. Sounds early, but still possible, to be implantation. You could try an early response test in a few days. Good luck.
Thanks, for the reply. I will just be patient and test in a few days!! My normal period is only lasts 3 days max and is so light its barely worth using anything after day one.
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