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Dying your hair while pregnant Lock Rss

Hi there,

What's the situation with dying hair while pregnant? I know it's looked at differently during pregnancy and some people just don't so it at all and others do every now and then. I'm 31 wks pregnant now and thought about it.

Wanted to know what experts think also.

Keen to hear your thoughts?
I vaguely remember reading something that said you didn't have to worry if it was ammonia free but I'm not sure of that. in the end I didn't do it. I don't think I could have stood the smell anyway. smile

It is safe... heres a read
I always dyed my hair during all 3 of my pregnancies every 5 weeks without fail, pretty sure it's not an absolute no no
I dyed my hair all throughout both of my pregnancies too. Both my bubs are fine and both have great hair incidentally smile
Hi, ex hairdresser here. It's technically fine if it's in a well ventilated area and your not using power to lighten your hair. So no foils or head bleaching. I dyed mine all the way through I just stretched it out a little with coloured shampoos and dry shampoos just incase.
I have always dyed my hair while pregnant, although, I have dyed in the first 13 weeks of pregnancy, the hair dye tends to have odd reactions because of hormones, so it's a slight risk in that you may end up with a wrong colour (I dye it black and ended up with brown 3 weeks ago LOL)

It's safe, just only leave dye on the suggested amount, no longer and if you can, go to a hairdresser and make sure they're using safe products.. Use it as a reason to pamper yourself before bubs comes along wink!
i have dyed my hair while pregnant, i think there is seepage into the blood stream, but the amount that crosses the placenta is very minimal- if at all.

I died my hair, just stretched it out a bit longer. Did it in a well ventilated room ass well

Hi ladies , thanks for that. It's an interesting one, there are always mixed views on it. A question to the hairdresser, what's in fouls that you can't do it? I usually have highlights, would these then be considered bad? Im not sure what products my hairdresser uses though.

My hair dresser read in a journal it's semi permanent that's bad bc it goes directly onto the scalp as opposed to foils which don't go on the scalp.
Personally I didn't bc I didn't think it was worth the risk!!
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