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Morning sickness - gender specific? Lock Rss

Hi ladies

I'm 10w and suffering from terrible all day sickness and vomiting (or at least dry retching) most days. I don't crave any foods, have many aversions such as chicken, banana, bread, rich sauce dishes and really only eat to get rid of the hunger. I wasn't this sick with dd1 - never vomited and only had occasional nausea which was usually fixed with a cracker and was gone by lunchtime and ceased completely by 14weeks. I had the same aversions with her but prob not to the extent!
An curious to know if others have had a similar thing happen and what gender child you went on to have.

Better run, time to throw up

I don't think morning sickness is Gender Specific. All of my smurflings were different.

Small frequent meals/snacks may help you feel a little better. I found if I was hungry, it would be worse. And yes certain foods will set the morning sickness off more.

Oh and plenty of rest and water.

Terrible morning sickness for the whole 40 weeks first pregnancy and went on to have a girl.
This time it stopped at about 30 weeks (though it was even more intense) - gender unknown!
Only had vague nausea in my first trimester with DD1, thought she was probably a boy, obviously not.

Spewed for 40 weeks with DD2, lost heaps of weight. Therefore was convinced as everything was do different that she was a boy. Wrong again!

Both my sisters had no morning sickness with their two pregnancies each & they both had a boy then a girl. And I never had any morning sickness for my son. (Just one vomit & one dry reach). Mum was the same for all her pregnancies, no sickness & she had boys and girls.

My sister in law though, she's had 2 boys and 2 girls, terrible morning sickness for all, needing the maxalon tablets from the doctor to survive through the day and be able to function a bit.
First pregnancy which was a girl, I slept all day one day due to tiredness and that was absolutely it as far as "symptoms" go. Seriously, that was absolutely it!

Second pregnancy I was sick as a dog and had nearly ever symptom you've ever read about so everyone including me was convinced I was having a boy. But no, another girl!

So to answer your question, I don't think it's gender specific grin
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