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When did you start to show in your 2nd or 3rd pregnancy? Lock Rss

I'm 6w4d with my 4th child. I already have a 2yo and 1yo twins. How soon did you show in your 3rd pregnancy? I know of course it's different for everyone but just interested to know what your experience was. I would like to keep this pregnancy a secret at least till 12 weeks but I was showing before then in my last pregnancy with twins.
I was visibly pregnant at 9 weeks with # 1 and 6 weeks this time around. I would suspect with being your third you will show earlier than you have previously but you never know, just wear loose clothes smile

I didn't start to show with DD until around 26w but even then I wasn't big. I have a long torso so my baby had lots of room. I'm currently 12w and I believe I looked pregnant by 8w. And so sick this time around so have lost weight! smile

With my 2nd I think I was close to 20 weeks before I looked pregnant. Although I remember being visibly bloated in the evenings during the 1st trimester.
I think you just start showing sooner in subsequent pregnancies because your body has already done it before and is more stretchy.
God you're going to be one busy mummy! Best of luck and hope it all goes well smile
3rd time I was going to wait until 12 weeks but told everyone around 7- 8 weeks as it was getting obvious

mum of 3 boys aged 11, 13 and 14

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