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Strep B in pregnancy Lock Rss

Hi ladies,

I have been diagnosed with Strep B at 34 weeks pregnant and was wondering if anyone else had it and gave birth to a healthy baby, or if complications arose? (I'm guessing Strep B is the same as GBS?)

I have been a bit worried about it being passed onto bubs during birth, although I'll be put on antibiotics as soon as labour starts.

My first bub ended up in NICU due to breathing issues (not related to GBS) and was in for nearly 3 weeks and have been worried that's where we're going to end up with this bub too.

Also, my midwife wants me to be put on blood thinners (Clexane) due to extremely bad varicose veins. Has anyone been on Clexane in late pregnancy? Did it cause any issues during the birth with blood loss etc?

Thanks for any help/advice
Hi there - I was Strep B positive for the end of my pregnancy & birth. The following link is of another post done reasonably recently about strep B & what I wrote (sorry, saves me re-writing it) smile

Sorry can't help with the clexane.

All the best for your pregnancy & birth smile
Hi ya I've been told I'm a carrier (they're doctors so they should know right??) so with all 3 of my pregnancies I've had to be hooked up with antibiotics. With every birth my son and I were kept in hospital for 24 hours observation and with every overnight stay nothing ever took a turn for the worst. So all in all no complications before, during or after my babies births. Can't say what will happen with any future pregnancies but so far so good. Hoping for the best with you and yours smile
Hi, yep im strep b positive. My midwife didn't do a swab with us for ds1 and he was healthy with no problems. Different midwife this time did the swab and we are positive. I saw a consultant today (about another issue) and asked about strep b, hoping that she would give me an alternative to the penicillin Iv drip, but that is the only option. You have to have it when your water break, apparently takes about 20 minutes, then you can have the drip thing capped and carry on as normal and then 4 hours later have another lot of antibiotics, and so on until baby is born.
there is another thread going on here asking when people waters broke, that I started the other day, as I was thinking if my waters broke immediately prior to delivery then I wouldn't have to have antibiotics smile

I didn't do the test with my first two but did with my third. was 2 weeks early and had not seen my midwife to find out result so when asked on phone call about coming in I told them to look in my file.
When i got to hospital i was told my result was Positive for it but by then i was to far gone for the drip.
Had baby with no IV or antibiotics and was still allowed to leave with bub 4 hours later. Was told the sign to look for only because i asked, then only had phone conversation with midwife but no home visit until 3 days later but they never asked about it so they mustn't have been to concern.

Will not bother with the test again. My labours are to fast for them to do anything.
I had it. They just give you antibiotics during labour via IV. No complications and it doesn't change anything. Had dd naturally.

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