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Am I having an early miscarriage? Lock Rss

Hi, I just found out I'm 5 weeks pregnant. I saw the doctor (which seemed to me very uninterested in being at work that day, and in me) she told me i could be having a miscarriage since I haven't stopped spotting. I'm still spotting a brown colour and from time to time it gets a little heavier. I also get mild cramps with it too. I have a scan due on August 4th and it seems so far away. This is my first baby and we are so happy to be pregnant but i can't help worrying every single minute thanks to the doctor. Anyone else get this?
Welcome, it's hard to be sure at this stage of pregnancy. The reason for your scan being so far out (it's only one more week) as they are able to see more things and make sure of a heartbeat and things at 6 weeks, rather than 5 weeks which may just show a sack. Sorry that you didn't get much compassion from the Dr, but at this stage all that could be done to check is repeat bloods to check HCG levels. You are able to get these done through your GP, or if you already know a midwife you would like to have perhaps check with her to see if she can organise them for you?
Seems really rude of the Dr to show such a lack of compassion...
Did she at least do a blood test? Your HCG levels should be increasing weekly and would be a good indicator until you have the scan. The blood could just nothing, it's hard to say. Lots of people I know spotted a bit early on so hard to say. All the best with the scan! Also go see another dr if you aren't happy with the care she gave you. Someone else may be able to give you more information about the bleeding.

Hi, I'm 14 weeks pregnant and I had spotting early on at about 6 weeks - it went from a brown colour and sometimes went light pink. It continued for about 2 weeks and then stopped.

I asked my doctor for a few hcg blood tests which sort of put my mind at ease.

I know how scary it can be... I hope everything is fine at your scan and the bleeding stops soon smile
I would find another gp and ask for them to do 2 blood tests, 3 days apart to check that your hcg levels are rising!
Whether you are in the process of a miscarriage or not is not am excuse for any doctor to blow your concerns off! Good luck, I hope it's a happy ending for you xx
Thank you so much. I think i will go see a doctor tomorrow to get another opinion. It's better than sitting making myself sick with worry. I had blood tests done on friday afternoon so if i ask for another one to check results then and compare it might help settle me.
Yup, getting another lot of bloods done tomorrow for HCG will hopefully give you more of an indication of where things are, just follow up with the GP on Tuesday afternoon if they haven't got back to you.
How did you get on at the Drs today?
Hi ladies, updating you on my current situation. Went and saw another doctor and landed up being rushed to hospital from there. I am currently being held in here due to suspicions of an ectopic pregnancy. Frightening but at least i know i wasn't wrong to get another opinion. All is good right now. My bloods showed a hCG level of 580 on friday with the first doctor and monday at the hospital it showed an increase to 765. Hoping thats a good thing. Having more bloods and tests tomorrow.
How is everything? Hope your ok. Definitely worth going back to a different dr. How they can be so flippant sometimes astounds me.
Good luck!

Hi, how are you going? I don't think your hcg increased enough. It should double in about 48 hours. Keep us updated

Matthew, Ebonie & Amber

Hi ladies, i know some of you would like to know what is happening. After being in hospital for 3 days, i found out i had an ectopic pregnancy and an infection with my appendix caused me to miscarry, which is a good thing since if it continued it could have been really bad.
I just wanted to say a huge thank you to you all for the support and advice you have given me. I wish you all a sticky and healthy pregnancy smile
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