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low PAPP-A result - normal nuchal, Panorama test Lock Rss

We were told our blood results came back with 0.1 result for PAPP-A. This is apparently incredibly low, meaning 1 of 3 things - my dates were wrong, the baby was not healthy or my placenta was going to malfunction eventually - so we had an urgent dating scan to make sure i hadnt made a bulls up of my dates, the baby was measuring a week behind but still not enough to be the cause of my low reading.

After an anxious week of waiting we had our Nuchal scan, which was excellent (1.6mm) - the obstetrician mentioned that the amnio fluid was at a lower level that expected but nothing to be worried about yet. We decided to the Panorama test (a non-invasive blood test that is sent off via Austrialia to US with a 99% accuracy). I had the blood test today and while there they told me my results had come back from the lab, giving me a low risk result of 1 in 5000 and something. With my first pregnancy it was 1 in 26,000. We now have to wait another 10 or so days for the results to come back.

Im just wondering if anyone else has been in the same position and what the outcome was? i had a placenta abruption with my first baby but i was 11 days overdue so id say it was past its use by date. Ive been told to expect a small / premature baby...
I had low PAPP-A, not as low as yours. Nuchal was normal neck thickness. Ended up having the amnio after 2 morph scans. Had baby in June full term and she is absolutely fine.
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