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Morning sickness... How do I battle through? Lock Rss

Hi all,

We are just heading into our 8th week of pregnancy and I am really struggling with morning sickness. We have had multiple miscarriages, so as you can imagine I am extra cautious about what I eat and when I eat. But this morning sickness is tough!! I feel I am not eating or drinking enough, not to mention trying to hide it at work.

I am really struggling on getting through each day. Any tips on how to battle on through and come out at the other end?

Thanks xx
Don't feel guilty to take a day or 2 off each week just to get much needed rest and rehydration. You and baby are most important.

Protein helped me. Things like eggs, almonds, chocolate milk, chicken. And eating often.

I started to get a bit better at 9 wks, not vomiting as much. And 14 weeks things turned around.

Congrats and good luck.
Thanks MamaMum for taking the time to reply. I have been able to work from home the past couple of days which I have needed to do.

I have found my taste for things change by the minute. Sometimes by the time I have prepped something I no longer want it.

I embrace feeling sick I really do, just need to preserver and know there will be a pot of gold at the end

Continually have a bottle of water with you and just keep sipping it. I found eating small quantities often....I know about the changing taste thing, there are still some things I haven't attempted since I've had bubs because they made me so sick during. I found saladas good, it a bit of marg and cheese, or (I know you're in nz but) Vegemite. Just stay focused n your end goal like you are. Good luck.
I found having a salty pack of dry biscuits by the bed helped. Eat some before you get up. Also salt and vinegar chips an a fizzy drink helped me. People reckon ginger helps, but I don't like it... There's a blackmores morning sickness pill you can take too. GL.
Thank you all for your replies, it's a nice support.

Thanks for the black mores tip, funny enough my mum brought some round tonight for me to try. I'll see how it goes.
I would buy the 10 pack of Salt n Vinegar chips to bring to work & ginger beer (Schweppes one isn't as full on flavour like bundaberg) helped too.
Red seal do a green tea with ginger which is good and also found belvita breakfast biscuits were great to nibble on. Both these things really helped me get through those first weeks when at work.

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