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Are Paps important? Lock Rss

Hi everyone
So I am now 13 weeks pregnant with a healthy bubba, when I had my first appointment with the midwife at 12w she recommended me getting a pap smear cause I've never had one. Are there any benefits to it besides finding out if I have cervical cancer? As in will it detect anything that could be harmful to my baby?
I've already been tested for Hep B & C, rubella, Chlamydia, Gonorrhea, MSSU, HIV, FBC, and Antibodies and all is good there.
I had a bit of bleeding at the start of my 12th week but it went away quickly and it seems to have been nothing to worry about. I've also had 2 miscarriages in the past. So I'm just a little worried and want as little intervention as possible.
Thanks in advance for anyone's advice
Yes they are very important... They can detect pre cancer and hpv

Perhaps do a bit of research personally I would rather endure a pap then potentially end up with cervical cancer and need a hysterectomy or worse not be around for my children

I have done research but havnt found anything regarding what I want to know...
I'm asking if they detect anything that could harm the baby, if it's cervical cancer or pre then they can't treat it while I'm pregnant. Of course I'd get a pap as soon as the baby is born but if there's nothing that could harm the baby I might wait until it's born or in late pregnancy
Yes you can have treatment while pregnant without harm coming to your baby

It is important to have, but you should be able to wait until after bub's born. When I was pregnant with my 1st I hadn't had one yet, but my OB said it was fine to do it at the 8 week check-up after birth. At least then you don't care, as you have yet to recover your dignity from the birthing experience tongue
Pap smears are very important to get a min of every 2 years once sexually active. I know they like to do one 6 weeks after bub arrives as part of your check up also. I am not sure about getting one during pregnancy though (as have always had mine previous to trying). I think best is to ask GP or OBGYN
I've read that you're supposed to get one anyway with your first antenatal appointment, but mine don't provide that sort of stuff (I live in a small town where we're kind of lacking in the medical department, along with other things)... I know that it's common to bleed or spot after a pap and I don't want that extra bit of worry added on as I'm already constantly worried something might happen. all my midwife said was it would be good because that way they'll know the alignment of my cervix, but won't they find that out once bub is closer to coming anyway?
They never checked the alignment of my I'm not sure why they would have to?

And I saw an obstetrician, so I'm sure she would know what she was doing tongue
My GP advised me that it is fine to do a pap smear during pregnancy but ideally it should be within the first 7 or 8 weeks, apparently after that point it can give a false negative/positive result due to pregnancy hormones.

If you decide to leave it during this pregnancy I would make sure you definitely have one at your 6 week check up smile
Personally, I refuse to have them during pregnancy. Anything inserted in your vagina increases the chance of infection and regardless of how soft and gentle the brush is - I choose not to take the chance of mucking around with my cervix in pregnancy.
Personally I would just wait it out until 6 weeks after having baby.

Having a pap smear while pregnant can be a bit pointless in some cases. You might come back with an abnormal smear because things are changing, so it could be normal for it to be abnormal IYKWIM. Also, they cant do a full smear because a proper smear involves taking a swab inside the cervix- but when you're pregnant your cervix is plugged- so they cant.

You will probably be asked to do a swab closer to the end of the pregnancy. That's a fairly important one but it's not like a pap smear. Each time ive had to do it- they just give you the swab to do yourself and it's only in the entrance, not right in to the cervix.
I'm thinking I would prefer to wait until after I have the baby, I just wanted to know that if I did have something could it be fatal to the baby. I've heard the thing about pregnancy hormones messing with the pap smear results so I was thinking what's the point in doing it now.
I already done a swab at 10 weeks, and they told me I'd need to do another one later in pregnancy, those I'm ok with.
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