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Shortest time span between pregnancies Lock Rss


Im just curious to know, whats the shortest timespan you've heard of between pregnancies?

Its just something that Im pondering all the time - I have a 7mth old beautiful baby girl and while Im happy giving her all of my attention, the thought does often cross my mind (minipill gives me irregular as periods and I get paranoid and start thinking thoughts like this lol)

Ive also heard of irish twins?? when two babies are born in the same year but at different dates - I might be wrong its just waht a friend told me a long time ago smile

anyway... do share smile

My mother in laws mum went for her 6 week check with the doc and found out she was pregnant with my mother in law, personally I don't know how she coped.
My husband and his sister are 11.5 months apart....
With my first 2 there is a nearly 12 mth gap between them. If dd1 was born 3 days later than they would have been born in the same yr. dd1 was born 29/12/07 and dd2 was 19/12/08

my son is 10 months old and im currently pregnant 29 weeks so my boys will be just 12 months apart At first I was scared thinking My baby wouldnt get the attention he needed through his first year or I would be that sick he would feel neglected. Silly thoughts but you have them. But all my fears were for nothing I am glad I will have them close together as they get older they will have a close strong bond. I will have a rough road ahead of me im sure smile but well worth it.
Had a patient at work whose "older sibling" was born 6 months before. So mum had a 6 month old and a newborn.
Supermummy wrote:
Had a patient at work whose "older sibling" was born 6 months before. So mum had a 6 month old and a newborn.

Assuming newborn was very early

When our son was in Nicu the boy next to him (born very early as in had to be transferred to Wellington so late 20 weeks I think) had his sister visit who was 6 months old. SO they would have been 5-5.5 months difference. Wow! Oh wow!
i fell pregnant with my second when my first was 7 months old.
I was almost 2 months old when my parents fell pregnant with my sister! It can probably happen with a closer gap but I thought that was pretty close!
There's 13 months between me and my older brother.

I fell pregnant with our son when dd2 was 6 months old, sadly we lost him at 22.5 weeks, but there would have been a 15 month gap.
Wow it has been really interesting reading these responses. I think having and raising one little baby takes an amazing woman but to have two at that 'not one yet' age takes another sort of amazing woman.

My partner loves being a father and he is keen as on another, he would have me chuck my pills away today if it would get me pregnant tomorrow but then I think of being up in the night with my daughter and then the thought of getting up minutes later with a newborn...*cringe* thats why I say big ups to the mums out there who have done it. If it did ever happen to me there would be the intial OMG but what a(nother) blessing for our family.

Thanks for sharing ladies smile
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