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Baby Dropping and the "show"...? Lock Rss

Hi there,

I'm due this Friday 3 days time and I don't think I've completely dropped yet, how quickly can this happen and does it absolutely always happen where it's noticeable? Due in 3 days so just wondered when and if this might happen. Also do you always have a "show" before contractions, or is this just some/most people?

With my first I didn't notice if baby dropped before labour and I woke up with a show and contractions at the same time.

With my second I noticed she dropped 4 or 5 days before labour and I had no show at all.

But with both kids I noticed a lot of discharge in the week before birth.
I had no show, no waters breaking at all with the first 2 and the third I had a show on the morning she was born.
I had neither with both of my kids. No show and didn't drop either time.
I didn't notice baby dropping with either of my 2 pregnancies. With my first I lost my show during the morning and contractions started that afternoon but waters didn't break until I was pushing. With my 2nd I had mild contractions all day long and lost my show late in the evening just before my waters broke and shortly after she was born.
Best of luck to you!
I didn't have a show, or notice baby had dropped. My waters broke a few hours before contractions started.
All the best!

I had no show, and didnt notice drop at all, she only engaged the day before and waters broke 5 hours before contractions started and labour was 3 hours, all over real quick for my only bub


Congratulations on bub, all the best with labour & delivery.

Like many of the others, with our first who was born in June this year, I had no dropping, no show, no waters break and surprisingly no real pain (only discomfort) up until about 8/9cm.

If you are ever unsure, call the hospital or your midwife, they are usually spot on... however, if you feel you may be closer to meeting your newborn than others think, a mothers intuition is usually always correct.

Good luck, the fun & loving adventure is about to begin!!!!!!!
I never noticed he dropped and I woke up one morning and had my show and contractions started

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