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Obstetrician this normal? Lock Rss

Hi there,

I'm seeing an obstetrician in Auckland (who's not cheap I might add). We picked him as I have a back condition and wanted someone very skilled. So the problem is, I expected if you got an obstetrician they would deliver you, not someone else. I completely understood that he had a 2 wk holiday last week and I knew that when I signed up, which was fine.But he's back from holiday now and he did not tell us he wouldn't be available to deliver our baby next wknd which he sprung on us the other day as someone else is on call. I was shocked to be honest and wish i had if said something in the spot.

Is this normal? I mean I didn't pay all this money and build rapport and have my back condition explained to hun over the last 8 months to have someone else deliver the baby! They never told me when I booked that it was a on call situation. Maybe he's just taking the wknd off, but I'm not impressed.

I see him again in 4 days time so will bring it up.

Keen to hear your thoughts .

In Australia this is common. Obs hours are unpredictable and they are unable to work 24/7. Usually during the week they are available to deliver at any time but the weekend they usually have a roster for who covers who. They should have told you this at the beginning. I know mine used to have at least two weekends off a month but was always covered by his partner. No one is able to physically work 24/7 every week. Most obs also have a family and need family time as well. It can't be just all work.

I think it's unreasonable to expect them to be available every weekend. They will have organized another ob to cover the weekend so you won't be left without anyone should you happen to labour on that particular weekend.
Hi TP09, even if you went with a midwife, you may not have them deliver your baby, I know one lady from my antenatal class didn't have her midwife because baby was just too quick and she hadn't made it to the hospital on time.

I don't think it's very clear as to what is actually happening from your post, is it that there is a chance he can't because he won't be on shift, so he is letting you know? Does the OB not work with a set midwife that you have also been seeing?
My bub was born in March this year, Im 41, have HPV and had polyhydramnios (way too much amniotic fluid) this ment I had 3 weekly scans, hospital midwife apts every fortnight as well as my own each fortinght I chose to stick with a midwife as you have a better chance of them being there at delivery time. Its unreasonable to expect a Dr who works Mon to Fri to be there on the weekend as well. Why is your delivery booked for the weekend and not during the week?

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