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Dating scan was terrible!!! :( Lock Rss

I am 7w, 2d by dates. This is my third pregnancy (1st m/c @ 6/40, 2nd healthy DD) Yesterday I went for a dating scan as my cycles have been around 32 days long. Which would prob put me more at the 6.5 week mark.
I was so excited to see a HB. Unfortunately all we could see was a 10mm sac, with nothing inside. The tech said my dates could be out and its too early too see.

The tech was very rude and sniggered when I said I have a 14 month old- like "why would you want another one already" He also said how ridiculously full my bladder was and told me to wee it all out. So dont know if that affected things?

He recommended a HCG check which I had done and results came back as 14,000 which would put me between 6-7 weeks. I need to have another hcg check tomorrow making sure it is increasing. If my HCG is okay, I am to have another ultrasound in 1-2 weeks.

Has anyone else experienced an early scan like this one? I feel pregnant, have no pain or bleeding but am so worried sad

same thing happened to me. i was so sure i knew my dates (still confused about that one lol). the ultrasound i had showed an empty sac. turns out it was just a bit too early. i had to wait the two weeks which was very stressful. i've never been so thankful that in the meantime i was hit with all day all night morning sickness so that was reassuring! also, i too "felt" pregnant and no pain or anything else to worry about. anyway, the next scan showed bubs swimming around happily. am now 13 weeks. i know it will be a long wait til the next scan but trust your instinct. oh, and i would be reporting that ultrasound tech - that is not on! good luck!
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