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Anyone else not telling family etc until 12 weeks? Lock Rss

Hi ladies,
Is anyone else choosing not to tell people until they are 12 weeks along? I'm nearly 6 weeks & my partner is adamant to wait until 12 weeks before letting people know. It's driving me insane lol, especially not telling the kids... I guess it's just happy news & I can't wait to tell people close to us. Plus I'm terrible at keeping things to myself like this lol

Feels like the time is going slow, wanting to pull my hair out lol
We waited till 12 weeks with our DD. I had a history of miscarriage so wanted to make sure all was okay. With the twins no one knew till I was almost 20 weeks. I had a terrible pregnancy with them and the future was uncertain. I was not very big with either pregnancy so was easy to hide.

Congrats and good luck.

We didnt tell anyone until we got results from 13 week scan, so about 14 weeks

We waited with both of ours to get scan results, didn't tell anyone till 14 weeks with both smile Even though I was so tempted, we have a very big family so it's impossible to tell a few and not have the secret come out (this has happened a couple times in the past with other family members!).
we waited til 10 weeks for DS1 but that was because someone found out through mail (we were living at MIL at the time) otherwise we would have waited for 12 weeks. We are trying for no 2 now and I don't think we will wait this time, so we can have support esp with DS1 if anything we wrong.
Thanks ladies for your stories. I guess I know deep down it's best to wait to tell people, but with my history having had cancer removed then finding a cyst on my ovaries after getting mirena removed they thought was cancerous, my hopes of having another baby kind of went down. Now that we have conceived, it's hard not to burst out with happiness lol. 6 more weeks hope it comes quickly smile)
We're 7w +4d and we've told both sides of the family already. It was a miracle for us to conceive naturally in the first place and we're agreed that if god forbid something bad happens, we'd rather they knew than to find out after the fact. Plus there's the needing support for our 2.5 yr old as well.

We have also told our son, he doesn't get it overly yet but he knows the bubba is inside Mummy. We haven't told our nieces on both sides though, as they would just tell everyone wink

Raspberry Sundae wrote:
I'm a secret keeper when it comes to pregnancy, I loved knowing that we were expecting and having that to ourselves for a little while.

With our 3rd though we did tell our kids who were 6 and 9 at the time but swore them to secrecy. They were great at keeping the secret although the younger one did write a lot of letters to people telling them and when we gave them the ok to share the news he gave the weeks old letters to those people.

That is sooooo cute!!!!!

I have only recently found out im pregnant with my first (6 weeks) but told my dad and best friend. My partner told his parents. I want to qait to 12 weeks to tell the rest of our family and friends but i actuallly feel bad because i know that people will be annoyed we told other people first... and i suck at keeping secrets ????
we are expecting our first child i am about 7 weeks now. he told his brother and one friend. i told my mum. he really wants to tell people now but i tried to explain to him why we should wait 12 weeks but i think we negotiated on the first scan at 8 weeks.
I was really angry at him because he told this friend of his 2 days after we both even knew. I just hope he doesn't tell anyone I know he is excited etc. But its our secret for now and I like it that way. I feel as though once more people know everyone will know and it will be on facebook and then my work will know which i dont want yet until i am further along.
We didn't tell anyone this time until I was 12 weeks. He was a surprise for us and we wanted to make sure that all was ok first and also we wanted to tell the kids first. Kids are better with visuals so we wanted to get the 12week pictures so they could see their little baby brother or sister so it seemed more real. We then told our parents later that night then our siblings and grandparents the next day.

My son I waited until twenty weeks. My daughter i didtnt say anything until 28 weeks when my dad looked at me and said I was putting on weight lol (I'm really lucky however, I carry really small, kind of sits in between my hips and really low, dresses and loose tops hide it easily) I'm twenty four weeks now and still kept to myself. Goes so much faster I found without people knowing or asking you about it smile but am a believer in waiting until twelve weeks, for the obvious reason
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