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Am I pregnant? Lock Rss

I did a pregnosis test today and a faint 2nd pink line appeared. Am I pregnant? I miscarried back in May so I don't want to get my hopes up.
Yup sounds like it Hun. If it's there it's there, they don't show anything unless they pick up that human growth hormone. Go to the dr but I'd say you are
as said above I would say so it may just be really early, I would go to the doctor for a blood test or they can do an internal if its really early smile
It sounds like you may have a BFP. Is AF due yet or are you testing early? I know so exciting if you can wait and test again tomorrow with same type of test and see if line has darkened then if so make a drs appointment

Did the test again today and got the same faint line. AF is a few days overdue but usually irregular so hard to know? Fingers crossed!!
I'm in the same boat. I took a pregnosis test on monday night tuesday morning and then again this morning and all have come back with very faint lines. I spoke with my ob yesterday and he sent me for bloods which came back today. It was a positive but the levels of hcg were extremely low which he was concerned about as it should be almost tripple what it is at this point. I am going back next week for more bloods and hopefully the hcg levels are where they should be and its a good positive. We have been trying for 14months now so fingers crossed!
Hopefully you get some good news next week?
Tested again today and the line is a lot darker.. Visit with the doctors later today!
Ben-455 that sounds very positive. Cognate and good luck with the Drs
Massessim good luck, it's good to hear that your Dr is proactive and testing your bloods again in a week
I had same thing. First test was so faint hubby couldn't even see the second line. Got progressively darker over following weeks. I would have been probably only 1 to 2 weeks pregnant at that point. I'm now 20 weeks.
I had a mmc early in the year. I was in same position as far as not wanting to get too excited as there's still possibility it's an evaporation line, or a pregnancy that doesn't take eventually. Honestly, I feel for you, it's so hard being unsure. I'd suggest getting your bloods done again and hold off as long as you can for the scan. First one I had made it hard cos at only 4 weeks they saw sack but couldn't confirm an actual bubba that early!
Also do bear in mind that if you had mc very recently you may still get a second line. God bless you and hopefully your bubba! X
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