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hcg levels Lock Rss

I have had three positive home pregnancy test but they have all been very faint 2nd line. My ob sent me for blood tests yesterday and my hcg level came back at 42. He has requested I get them checked in a week because they are so low. I was wondering if anyone else has had any experiences like this and what was the outcome.
We have been trying for 14 months now and my fiance and I would be over the moon if it ends up well but we don't want to get our hopes up to high.

bHCG levels can be as low as 50 (or lower) in the first 4 weeks of pregnancy. You will need to work out exactly how many weeks pregnant you are in order to work out if this level is "normal".

If you are very anxious it is not necessary to wait a full week to get them rechecked. bHCG levels should double every 48hrs in the first 12 weeks (or so) of pregnancy. HOWEVER this number needs to be interpreted in context with the number of weeks pregnant you are. For instance, if you are 6 weeks pregnant, a reading of 42 is, unfortunately, not encouraging.

Do not place too much stead in home pregnancy tests. In order to gain the most accurate interpretation it is always best to test "first pass urine" or the first time you pass urine in the day, when the bHCG hormone will be at its most concentrated.

Please note that I am an emergency nurse that deals with early pregnancy frequently so the information I have supplied is reliable.

Good luck!
how many weeks are you.

My first hcg came back low and then took off. I hope all is ok though. fingers crossed
After a rough week and a bit it ended in mc. We are both very devastated as we have been trying for 14months. We have decided to take the rest of the year off.
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