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Nuchal Translucency results clarification Lock Rss

Hi ladies I'm sure this is constantly discussed but I need advice. I'm 36, will be 37 at delivery. This puts my odds at 1:270. After my scan (measured 1.5 mm) and bloods my risk was readjusted to 1:970. Dr classified it as low risk, no further action. Is this an ok result? Tia.

38 weeks and 2 days

1:970 means your baby has one chance out of every nine hundred and seventy births of having downs syndrome. In other words, that's around a 0.01% chance if that puts your mind at rest.

With my youngest DD born last year. Mine was 1:900 I was 32 and the measurement was 3.2 so at the higher end of risk but then my bloods were better so reduced it. She was born healthy. With my son who was born when I was 27 it was 1:1400 so I expected the risk to increase over the 5 years.

I believe that they classify 1:1 to 1:300 as high rish and > 1:300 as low risk so your results are low risk.

My DS was 1:500 and I was quite nervous but decided on no further testing (he is a healthy 2yo) in saying that all of these are risk only not definitive. At the end of the day you have to feel comofrtable with the odds. This time around I am going to ask about having the harmony test as well but I a believe that this is an out of pocket expense.
thanks ladies, you are all awesome. You know how we mother's fret and worry.... wink
My dr. didn't suggest the harmony test at all I knew about this test and when I mentioned it to her (before this baby) she didn't say much I think she find the NT diagnostics to be all that is needed as a first port of call. I trust her judgement and my figures are text book for my age.... I just wanted a higher number! Silly of me. I know that when you have the next scan at 19-20 weeks and all is clear too your results improve even more so I will stop fretting.

38 weeks and 2 days

At your 20 week scan the US clinic should be able to check the nasal passage and bone structure to let you know 100%. I never bothered with the testing as my aunt was told her DD had down syndrome, and she decided to keep the baby anyway. DD is now 7... and definitely does not have Downs. With that knowledge I didn't feel I needed to know at that point... be a shame if someone was to terminate a pregnancy for a false positive sad

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