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Hot pies ok? Rss

Hi guys,

I'm 8 weeks pregnant and I was so starving and the only thing I felt like was a pie. I stopped in at the Z gas station and brought a steak and cheese pie. It was relatively hot inside and tasted so amazing but afterwards I googled eating pies when pregnant and everyone says no! Will my baby be ok!? Freaking out now... sad
I ate whatever I wanted inc Subway (which is apparently a no no too), my bub is health as. Just use common sense. Ie dont eat subway if the lettuce looks slimy and there are flys on the meat etc

You will be fine, I'm sure. All the guidelines are there to reduce the risk because your immunity is lower and the consequences can be higher. That being said, the real baddies you can catch with food are pretty rare and having something that affects your pregnancy is even rarer.

You are going to have people tell you they ate what they wanted and everything was fine, and you are going to have people tell you that eating any 'unsafe' foods is not worth the risk. In the end, I did my research, drew my line in the sand and made food decisions I felt comfortable with and stopped feeling guilty and hyper aware of everything I ate.

Check out

You should be fine smile If you were to buy one again (for your peace of mind), it might be worth checking how fresh they are (if the shop assistant will tell the truth!). It's likely that they get baked in the oven at a high temp, and then are transferred into a pie warmer which isn't as hot - and might stay there for quite a while if the store doesn't strictly monitor it. The fresher the better, but it is rather unusual to 'catch' something from a pie smile
I would quite often get a savoury from the dairy near by to keep hunger/cravings at bay. I trusted the owner sold fresh pies made in the same town & they are always piping hot.
Thanks guys! First time mum ya see, freak out about every tiny detail. tongue I feel fine today so I think the pie was all good. I did some research they are baked fresh locally in auckland then cooked at the gas station. Will definately be making better choices though, not afraid to treat myself however if it's safe to do so!!
I love pies too and crave them when pregnant. If something is cooked and piping hot then listeria isn't a risk (from my research). I am particularly cautious with my food choices and always ask at a bakery prior to purchasing pies from warmers how long they have been sitting there (most good bakeries can tell you to the minute as they keep a log book smile) If I am ever in doubt I just don't get one. For me anything over about 45 minutes I would not eat.

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