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Hi ladies,

Im currently six months along and pregnancy is going well, bub and I are healthy with no current problems.

Im deciding on my birth plan and thinking a c-section is the best option for me. I cant have morphine/pethidine for pain relief as it makes me very sick. So that is out the window, i dont really want an epidural as this can lead to an assisted birth which i definitely dont want unless its a complete emergency. So im feeling that i have no other choice. All thats left for pain relief is gas and that won't be enough. I do know all of the pros and cons of c-section vs natural birth.

Are there any others in the same position? What did you do? and how was your birthing experience.

You need either an epidural, spinal block or (for emergencies) a general anesthetic for c-sections so having a c- section might be pointless in that you might as well have an epidural and deliver naturally. Valid concerns you have though. Definitely have a talk with your Ob or midwife. Goodluck! smile
Also.....I've got a couple of girlfriends who have used hypno-birthing and they found it really helpful and ended up only needing gas. Then there's those Tens machines and other ways to ease the pain. Point being that if you went the natural delivery route there are things available to reduce the chance of requiring an epidural.
Gas might be enough, it was for me. Once I am pregnant again I will start trying to decide whether to try for another natural birth or a c section...

It's so hard to know isn't it?

Definitely discuss with your midwife. I know everyone's experiences are different but I have heard that recovery from a c section isn't much fun at all.

Good luck.

Have you thought about having a doula? They can help you with natural pain relief to make your labour more comfortable for you.
If pain is a worry to you then C-section may seem like a good option for the birth, but the pain and discomfort and constipation for WEEKS while recovering is the downside. I had a C section for my first baby (not by choice) and a natural birth with gas for pain relief for my second, so I have experience of both. I found that yes, a natural birth is painful but I found strength and endurance beyond my own expectations and the support of my midwife and loved ones made it all possible. The recovery was a breeze compared with the C-section: up and about within a couple of hours after the birth and feeling relatively OK in the subsequent days without needing painkillers. Definitely talk it over with your midwife, and consider not only the actual birthing experience but the recovery, which in my opinion is even more important!
I have never had a c-section, but have given birth 3 times now with just the gas. The gas for me was pretty awesome, I went off into my own world and if I could hear people talking normally then I knew I needed to start sucking again lol. I agree with the others who have said to discuss it with your OB/midwife. For me I wouldn't go for a c-section unless it was medically necessary. I watched a video on FB the other day and never realised how many layers of skin we actually have! I had a friend that thought a little like you but changed her mind right at the end and had the epidural and said it was the best decision she ever made and she is glad she didn't go the c-section. I was too scared to get the epidural for the risks that come with it, so I reckon I would have to be put to sleep if I need one in the future.

There were 10 mums in my antenatal class 2 had c sects one with complications... and 8 were vaginal, 2 had epis, 4 had gas and 2 had nothing. You may be in the majority and be fine with gas or nothing. If all elec fails then there is always the emergency c sect. In NZ its very hard to have a c sect anyway so they try natural and call it an emergency c sect if you need one...... only because it wasnt planned.
I was told I had a 90% chance of needing one and then had a 4 hour labour followed by a 10 min birth

hi I had booked in for a elective c section in Auckland due to fear. I ended up having a fast natural labour and not trying to scare you but wished I had the c section. labour and birth were nothing compared to the healing and I only had a tiny wee tear.
I had em cs for my first, it wasn't a nice experience. My second cs was a breeze and I felt great after a few hours. I thought the third in last June would be a breeze just like the second but I was very wrong. I had major complications, a number of blood transfusions and a stay in ICU. I wish I'd tried a VB2AC as the recovery is still ongoing, both physically and psychologically.
When you go into labor your body produces Beta-Endorphins(a natural pain relief) and Oxytocin, which should be enough to get you through a natural birth. However, when we are scared we release Adrenaline, which is much stronger and can counteract the effects of any natural pain relief.

My Mother always says the videos I watch now would be enough to scare her into not wanting a natural birth, but honestly, look up natural birth and c section procedures... my original fear was from the "unknown", after seeing several videos of both, I honestly am not even thinking of using the gas... I have a birth pool at the ready and that's all I intend on using. Mammals have been giving birth for years, the exact same way. If your pets can go hide in a dark, cool cupboard and have their babies, why can't humans be the same?
With some massage, relaxing music and supportive people around you, I don't think it would be that hard to calm down. My partner is fully aware of everything I want in any situation when it comes time to delivery, so I am confident I can close my eyes, shut off my brain and just get on with it... maybe talk to family and friends about your fears, because trust me... C sections arent pretty...

I would love to hear how your birth goes RKSears. A lot of birthing I do believe is to do with the mentality of it so I think you are setting yourself up for a wonderfull birth. I recently had my third baby. All have been homebirths without any pain relief. Preparation is the key. With my last birth I had no pain at all just pressure, until the head was crowning. 1st tym mum I would carefully consider your birth plan before hand. Try to get as informed as possible and then make a decision. Which ever decision you make I hope you enjoy the last 3 month of pregnancy and have a great birthing experience.
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