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travling to lylell mcewin hospital to have baby Lock Rss

okay so i live in the country approx 2hr drive, i have been told that i need to go to the lower mac to have this baby i am currently 27 weeks....

just wondering what peoples experiences are with the lower mac, especially with having to travel how soon will they expect me to go down...

the midwife i saw yesterday locally said they may induce me ( i was induced with both previous pregnancies as i was past my due date) they only reason i need to go to lower mac is because i am classed as h risk as my mi is over 40..

thankyou any feedback will be greatly appreciated smile
Hi I live in northern suburbs & have been referred to Lyel Mc. Strange you are from out of Adelaide I thought they would have sent you to Women's & Children's. I am only having my first pregnancy so i haven't experienced what it is like there yet. My first app is this Mond.
But rest assure it's all a new hospital & the maternity ward is all new & equal to Women's & childrens Hospital anyway. I have had many friends go there & haven't heard any problems. So don't stress you are in great hands there. smile
Goodluck x
I had my third baby there and I have no complaints worth noting. The staff were lovely and supportive.
i got to pick the hospital i wanted to be reffered to, i think because they have just gone through and updated the lower mac...

i was hoping to be able to go down on the 28th jan 2015 as my due date is the 29, do you think they would allow this or will i have to go down around 38 weeks??

thankyou for replying very much appreciated
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