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Colouring hair during pregnancy Lock Rss

So I'm about the 10 week mark and my regrowth is starting to get pretty bad... to the point where my boss felt the need to comment on it last night. I've read lots of mixed articles on it but everyone seems to all say organic is the way to go. Just wondering what everyone's experiences/opinions are.. if I do decide to do anything with it I'll be waiting until I'm well and truly out of my first trimester and I'll only be going from a light brown to brown...

Found this for you smile

It's fine tell your hairdresser your pregnancy though.
Due to your hormones you might find your colour results may be different and not last as long
I've had my hair done at home(well ventilated bathroom, but not quite as well as the hair salon) with the Schwarzkopf Brilliance Black and Brown, had my fringe bleached with 20% peroxide and used the pink Dare colours. Then at the salon had the same sort of thing done but foils instead of just bleach. There is no evidence to suggest dying your hair harms the baby, its just a lack of evidence that left me unsure in the beginning. I know I'm not allowed to have artificial nails put on, but have always been told hair dye is fine, if it starts to irritate your scalp, wash it off. If you had your hair done before with no issues, it will be fine to get it done the same again.

but as Katieweston82 said, tell your hairdresser you are pregnant when you book, some salons try to make sure noone is getting their nails done in the time you will be there, and sometimes the dye runs straight out of your hair... so it wont be quite as dark as you wanted...

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