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Hi loves
I just wanted to know when you found out you where pregnant what was the best advice or tips you where given?

The best advice I was given was that you will be treated to a lot of unasked for advice and if you don't like it then smile, nod, ignore and forget.

This is the best advice I've seen for when the baby is here haha

Best tip I was given though was stay out of the heat, stay off your feet and keep your knees below pelvis height. Oh, and for morning sickness - if you don't stop eating you won't need to be sick(my doctor! XD ) I didnt follow the last one though hehe

Just enjoy it all. Don't stress and take everything in your stride and you will have a perfect pregnancy and birth and I did !!!!! also I got told don't listen to anyone's advice because your pregnancy is bound to be different. Which I found was very true!
People are going to give you advise whether you want it or not so I was told to take it all in, put it in the back of your head and only call on it if you run out of your own ideas first! This is what I did during pregnancy and still do with my two year old. I do sometimes recall things people have told me and use it when I run out of my own ideas and some of them have failed and some worked great. Just enjoy it and take it all as it comes!!

Like everyone else has said, take in all the advice and then decide what makes sense to you and your situation. One thing I learnt after having two babies though, stay as active as you can during pregnancy as this can help you get through labour better.
Hope your pregnancy is pleasant & uneventful!
Not sure whether you might have seen this already. I've written an article on the 10 things I wish people told me about pregnancy!!

Have a read;

Sewing my way through pregnancy -

I was told to film the birth. We didn't because it was our first and I was nervous.

Looking back, I wish I just had a camera in the room to film the conversations, feelings, emotions and laughter etc, not so much the actual birth.

We were lucky enough to have a photographer sitting in the waiting room, and when my partner went out of the delivery suite to announce "it's a boy!!!" she captured the moment, hugs, tears, high fives and laughter. That was the most magical photo & will remain on our mantle piece for years to come.
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