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Birth advice and such. Lock Rss

So I'm a little confused with exactly what's going to happen. First pregnancy, so I have no idea!
I know I would have liked to have someone I could get to know (midwife, doctor) over the months and get used to, that could also be there for the birth. Someone I would feel familiar and comfortable with but looks like that's out of the bag..
I know that there are no positions available for me to have a midwife sad and my doctor doesn't actually be there for the birth anymore, he used to years ago. Which leaves me with my last option; pretty much leaving it up to anyone who's available at the hospital.

Has anyone else done it like this? Without a midwife or their actual doctor.
I have an appointment in a couple of days at the hospital, so I'll be talking to them about it but I just wanted to see what others have to say; hoping to ease my mind a bit or something for now...

Congrats smile how exciting and scary , trust me tho when I say when you are in labor you will not care who is there smile You might care before and after but during not so much . Good luck how far along are you
Shrimpy198i wrote:
Congrats smile how exciting and scary , trust me tho when I say when you are in labor you will not care who is there smile You might care before and after but during not so much . Good luck how far along are you

I'm 20 weeks & 2 days. Find out the sex tomorrow! Been waiting to find out for 8 weeks grin

If you are worried you could look into hiring a doula.

Hi I live in SA & I am 22 weeks almost. Which area in SA do you live?
This is my first pregnancy too my 2nd hospital app is in a couple of weeks. I haven't thought about the birthing or the whole pregnancy experience a lot to be honest as it has been fairly easy so far. Saying that though I will get a massive shock when its closer to the due date. I think I was left the option of any midwife at the hospital appointments & when it comes to birthing if all is good it's who ever is on that day! That's a scary thought.
Mainly just letting you know that you aren't alone in this experience. smile
This time round I signed up for a student midwife program at one of the universities, and have been allocated a student midwife who has attended all my appointments and will be there to assist in labour and delivery (if I wish). You might like to see if this is available where you live, as you get to have continuity of care as well providing experience for students. Have really appreciated the service so far! And it's free smile
I went through it with just who ever. To be perfectly honest I didn't think about it much and when I went into labour I really didn't care.
At my hospital appointments I asked to meet any midwives that were free just so I knew a friendly face when I did have to go in. So you could give that a go. My doctor made the last hour but I didn't really notice until my husband said the Dr is going to have a look and I apparently replied to him with a very sarcastic 'that's nice'.
All I cared about was focusing on my husband and what ever the midwives said. I couldn't even tell you if a different midwife was talking to me each time. Turns out there was three of them!

Honestly I wouldn't worry to much, just talk it all through with your birthing partner cause they will probably be the one talking for you and taking note of what's going on around you. I also let my doctor no of my birthing plans just in case he did show up.

Ask for a student midwife who will came to all appointment, birth and after care. But appointment with whatever midwife are available.

Seeing different midwife each appointment isn't that bad as you can ask the same question and not look silly. and when you go into labor you just need to worry about getting to hospital and they will take care of everything else.

Just make sure you have a short easy to read birth plan.

Same experience with Shrimpy198i.

Congrats!! I know you can do it my dear. Just inhale and exhale.
Think of your Lo that you'll be together soon. wink Good luck


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