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Pram options for newborn and toddler Lock Rss

Hi everyone. I'd love your input on this topic. I'm newly pregnant with #2 and my toddler will be 3 by the time he/she's born. I feel like #1 is still too wee to walk everywhere and will get tired (not to mention he's very contrary and likely to wander off).

I'm considering the skate board things that latch onto the back axle, they look kinda fun. What have others experiences been? Are toddlers interested in standing there? Would a tandem (not a side-by-side twin) be a better choice?

So many options!
My friend has the skateboard thing for her boy to stand on. She uses it all time and it works really well for her!
Thanks Mummsy, good to know smile
We have a buggy that has a removable seat up front, it is so handy! The one up front is 'Mothers choice' and the buggy is 'Bootiq' , my DS1 is just over 2 and I think he would get off the skateboard all the time if we had one.

I use my skateboard for my lazy 5 year old and my toddler sits in the pram.

I love the skateboard, my 5 year old can stand and hold the handle or even sit on it and puts their legs in the under basket.

Tandems are heavy and it's an expense that doesn't suit everyone.
When I had the twins my DD was not quite three. What I found worked great was I got a double pram for the twins that was suitable weight wise for my DD as well. My DD would walk most of the time. But we travel a lot. I also got a ergo carrier. So when we travelled or were out for the whole day and she needed a rest. I would put one of the twins in the carrier and DD would go in the pram. You could get a carrier and put the newborn in that when your toddler needs the pram. I found my DD wanted to walk and learnt really quickly that she needed to hang onto the strap of the pram all the time. I reinforced that when even we went out. Just a thought as it can be quite expensive to get another pram for such a short time.

Good luck.

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