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Second Pregnancy - Aches & Pains Lock Rss

Hey all, second time pregnancy here and surprised by all the aches and pains this time around! Never anything like this with my first. I am heavier now (10kgs more) but feel like it's more than that? Foot pain is the worst - 16 weeks now and they just feel like they are bruised and on fire! I soak and elevate once home but still hurting. Anyone else?
yes! im also 16 weeks and it does seem much harder this time around, it was only 3 and some years ago so i cant have aged that much feet feel massive at the end of each day and my eyelids get so heavy
"they" say each pregnancy is different & I totally agree! I'm on my second pregnancy, slowly nearing the end of it, and from about 15-16weeks along I have had terrible sciatic type pain along with plenty of other aches & pains. My dr has told me to take regular panadol & when that wasn't working he actually gave me the ok to take panadeine if needed, but never to take nurofen when pregnant.
It sure is different!! I've only just ticked over 7 weeks and i'm going to have to tell people soon because the stomach 'mound' is just out of control lmao. So weird ... because i'm the same weight, size and condition as I was in during my first pregnancy only first time around I didn't have stomach like this until about 26 weeks!! Everything sure does get a bit 'stretchier' second time around :-S ... weird, i need to pee way more this time too.
My ob told me that with each pregnancy the aches and pains get worse. my second pregnancy was quite painful but here I am going for a third time- not looking forward to the pain!!!
Well glad it appears I am normal! 17 weeks now and trying to do some yoga twice a week to get my hips feeling better. I am a teacher and on my feet ALL day (wolfed down lunch in 12mins today, so not good!) but it is what it is. Trying to stay positive, drinking nearly 4L water a day and getting more rest than normal. Much harder in all aspects this time! Wishing everyone luck and maybe we have some tips for one another?
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