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Threatened to cope with the unknown? Lock Rss

Hi guys, this is my first post and first forum smile

I'm just over 5 weeks pregnant and I have been bleeding lightly for 3 days now. It's remained dark, my hormone levels were ok yesterday and I haven't had any cramping (just the odd twinge) so I'm trying to stay positive but I'm just not sure how to deal with not knowing what is happening.

My scan showed a sac but its too early to see much else so I have to wait another 2 weeks. We have a bad family history with miscarriage and problematic pregnancy so I think this is stressing me out more.

I feel guilty about stressing when I'm lucky to be pregnant still sad how do you take your mind off it?
Hi, I had a miscarriage recently at 6 weeks and it was my second pregnancy so no history of it.
I think the only thing you can do is try not to worry about things you can't control.
My obstetrician was amazing after my mc and I just found his honesty reassuring. A few things he said was that early mc happens to about 20% of women (that's recorded so its probably higher) so it's common and you certainly aren't alone. Of that 20% majority are one off miscarriages and most women will go on to have a healthy pregnancy next time.
You managed to fall pregnant so fertility isn't an issue which is great news.
I know they are just facts but it really help me see that this didn't mean anything terrible for the future.
Your increasing hcg is a really good sign (my hcg dropped when I started spotting and then turned to heavy bleeding after). There are heaps of other reasons you could be bleeding so I'm sure you Dr will keep an eye on it.
I hope you go on to have a healthy pregnancy. All the very best!

That is really upsetting to hear. I'm so sorry for your loss steph19 sad

I'm feeling a litle bit more positive today. My HCG is still going up but I'm still spotting so i'm off for another ultrasound this week and again late next week.

I was speaking to a midwife who mentioned it sounds like cervical erosion but I won't get my hopes up.

Fingers crossed I get some news on Thursday. At this point I will take ANY news!
i had a threatened miscarriage with my DS. I started spotting the day after my dating scan, went for another scan a week later due to the continued spotting then at 8 weeks had a sudden, large loss of blood. Went to the hospital where they said the blood was definitely coming from the womb but my cervix was still closed so that was a positive sign, although no guarantee. They sent me for another scan and at this one they did an internal scan and identified a subchronic haemotoma, kind of like a blood clot in the womb external to bub's sack and the bleeding I was experiencing was my body expelling the contents of that blood clot. I went on to have bleeding similar to the first day of af until I was 12 weeks pregnant when it just stopped and I went on to have a relatively normal pregnancy. Knowing what was causing it meant I didn't spend those 4 weeks completely freaked out, although I was still worried, just less than I was before I knew about the subchornic haemtoma. Until I experienced it I'd never even heard of it as a possibility but there are reasons for bleeding through pregnancy that aren't linked to miscarriage.

Hopefully you can get some information soon about what's happening.

I had a trip to the ER on Tuesday night with heavier bleeding and cramping. A scan showed a tiny flicker of a heartbeat and a bleed next to the sac. Hopefully my body just absorbs the bleed and I continue being pregnant.

I have a scan in a week's time to see what the bleeding is doing etc.

Fingers crossed!
Goodluck looks like something else is causing the bleeding?

Hi Maggie May
I know exactly how you are feeling we are in the same situation. I found out I was pregnant and 5 minutes later I started bleeding. Since then it has been doctors, blood tests and scans followed by one very scary hospital visit.
I have hope the blood is dark not bright red, and my friends and family have had similar experiences and they all have their babies.
I have decided to focus on the fact that I right now am pregnant I have a baby and I am beginning to prepare for that and I find that is helping, yes the scary thoughts creep in but I push them out with doing things like finding the stupidest baby names to freak my husband out wink.
I had another ER trip over the weekend with a fresh bleed but no cramping which is a good sign.

I've had another two scans since my first post and Squish is developing well despite two small peri gestational bleeds around/near the sac. I've pretty much spotted/lightly bleed consistently since my first post so I've been referred to the Early Pregnancy Unit for extra scans and blood test to monitor the bleeds. My elbows are a mess of bruises and I feel like a pin cushion!

Coming up to 9w now so fingers crossed things keep going well. I try not to get too attached to Squish but it's hard when it's literally attached to you. Keeping positive though smile
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