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Maternity Clothes...How Do You Feel About Them? Lock Rss

I was looking at an ad the other day. It made me wonder, do business know what pregnant women want in their clothing?

What do you want to feel like when you wear maternity clothes?

Personally, I think it should be comfortable, but stylish.

What is your favorite stores to shop from including online?
The only items of actual maternity clothing that I had through was in my second pregnancy when I brought some jeans and shorts from Jeans West, and I loved them!!! I also had a long sleeve top from the warehouse that was really comfy. Otherwise I just picked regular items that I could fit my puku under.

I agree on the comfortable and stylish. But also affordable would be nice, some of the prices are crazy, and practical.
I agree most of it looks so daggy! But I did buy my first pair of maternity jeans that arrived yesterday and I have to admit - I think I love them more than my regular jeans!!! It was from queen and believe me... When I buy jeans normally it is a very painful often teary experience that ends up with me deciding to never eat again... Which usually lasts around 10 minutes as I have the worlds worst sweet tooth lol

But I do agree - It is very daggy. I'm still too early to tell people at work, but there are two very stylish ladies having babies at my work now and they don't buy maternity clothes, they just buy stretchy cotton dresses from Zara and they found a heap of those tops that are quite shapeless, but look awesome under a blazer paired with some funky heels... Hope that helps.
I hated them. I just went up a couple of sizes with both pregnancies. I've worn pretty normal clothes throughout both. I never liked the maternity clothes that I was given, and the pants were a bit big for me and made me feel like I was wearing them around my butt. I always wore quite fitted things, I still had my shape when I was pregnant with my first, so I guess I was quite lucky.
Egg maternity has some nice stuff but I don't fancy chopping off an arm and a leg for something that's only going to be worn a few months.
Jeans west for casual and Ripe Materinty have a great range
I've found that Jeans West is the best place for jeans. But I've also bought some yoga pants from Glassons as well as bigger size tops and dresses - as maternity clothes tend to cost way more than 'normal' clothes. There's some beautiful maternity clothes out there - I've joined a couple of pages on Facebook 'Mrs Smith Maternity' and 'Averlz Maternity'.
I totally agree with Jessica that even though you need comfortable clothing during pregnancy, those ought to be stylish and trendy. I always buy such stylish and comfortable plus size stuff from casual plus online as they have affordable prices and trendy apparel. british based online shop has all sorts of clothes as well as great maternity clothes! Jeans west for jeans! Glassons, farmers, kmart, the warehouse for tops that are regular fit just a few sizes bigger smile
Honestly I am not a big fan of fashion clothing, but it is really hard to find something nice for a pregnant woman. I mean it was challenging to find something more special for me and most of the times I was leaving the clothing store upset. That's why I started to seek and buy clothes on the internet, it is way much easier and you have a better and bigger choice to do. More than that you can find sales or discounts mostly on any clothing you want. Besides that, I have read about the sample sale montreal 2020 and you know what? this is going to be a huge sale and I am pretty sure I will be able to find clothes for me and maybe even for my baby, I am pretty sure there are going to be huge discounts so I am preparing my credit car
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