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Due December 2015 Lock Rss

Hi all,
I'm due with my first baby in December this year and I would love to connect with other mums due around this time.
I have so many questions and I am only just starting my 6th week. Very nervous and excited.
I haven't seen my obstetrician yet for the first appointment but the GP told me I need to get a flu shot... I told him I always get cold/flu twice as bad when I've had it in the past (last two times I had it I ended up with bronchitis!), but he's insisting... Does anyone have any advice on the flu shot? Can flu shots harm your baby?
I due on Christmas day! Yay December babies!
While I cant help with anything about the flu shot, I can be a pregnancy buddy!!

Dec bub here too. Hating morning sickness
I haven;t had any morning sickness yet, but i'm on progesterone which apparently makes all pregnancy symptoms worse so i'm just sitting back waiting for it to happen sad

Hi im due 31st December smile
Hi, I just found out I'm pregnant with number 2 due on the 31st of December. Number 1 is 15 months old so they'll almost be exactly 2 years apart!
Hi all, I've found a group of ladies all due December... They have a private Facebook page.. I'm just trying to work out how to share the link! Heaps of really interesting stuff on there ????
In huggies forum if you google 'due December 2015' you will find the group I have started chatting with and links to join the Facebook page (it's private do you cant even find the page if you search... So good for those who haven't told anyone ????
Expecting number 2 on the 24th of December! My first will be 18months when our 2nd addition is born smile very excited!
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