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Thoughts?..could labour be close? Lock Rss

Hi All,
Just after your thoughts on what all this means! Sorry in advance for TMI!!!

I have been getting strong period like pains every night for nearly a week now that do not go away until morning, hurts to move or do anything really. Every time I walk during the day I get tightening's all over my stomach, some of which become a bit painful although I can still walk and concentrate so not to bad. Nothing is regular yet, some are bad some are just annoying feelings. I feel a little weird down there when I go to the toilet as if something is pushing down hard (not painful). I constantly feel like I need to go number twos but don't always go. I have been getting quiet a bit of yellowish mucus discharge and two days ago had some brownish mucus discharge. On Saturday after a sleepless night I called the midwife to see if the pains I was getting at night that didn't subside for hours were anything to worry about as I didn't have anything like this last time and she told me to go in to get checked which I did. After an ultra sound and internal, the Dr on duty told me baby is fully engaged and effaced and I am roughly 2cm dilated and that she wouldn't be surprised if I go into labour any day now and would be very surprised if I made it to 38 weeks.

I am only 36w 5d and it is driving me insane not knowing if it is going to happen now or not for another 4-5 weeks. At a 32 week scan they were happy with bubs size and don't think there will be any problem with it happening so early.
With my first I had her at 41w 5d small contractions for 4 hours 15 minutes apart that I wouldn't have noticed if I didn't concentrate hard on and then my waters broke, from then on it turned to hell!!! So this is all new again.

What do you think? Does it sound like labour could be close?

I'm going crazy since the Dr told me it could be any time now!

Sounds like prelabour but unfortunately doesn't necessarily mean labour (real labour) is close. I've had similar prelabour signs for the last two weeks & have just gone past EDD - its frustrating & annoying but not much we can do until bub is ready. Of course it would be worth keeping an eye on the clock if you think the pains are becoming regular in case it is labour starting.
I think its going to send me loopy! Just want it to happen or for these annoying feelings / symptoms to go away!!
Getting excited if you have past your EDD now, hopefully it will happen soon for you.

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