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Hyperthyroidism / Thyrotoxicosis / OVER Active Thyroid Lock Rss

Hi ladies,

I'm wondering if anyone has had any experience with being diagnosed with Hyperhtyroidism in pregnancy?

I haven't yet, but think I will be. I am 5 weeks pregnant, had my first bloods done yesterday for all the usuals, and when my GP called today to say my HCG was 170 (I thought it sounded a bit low, but she assured me it was in normal range) she also said she was surprised to see a heightened level of iodine, of which most people are deficient.

For this reason she has referred me to a specialist at the hospital (haven't heard from her yet) who will run more tests, but she mentioned the word "thyrotoxicosis" and "hyperthyroidism" of which I have now done a little research.

I had an ectopic miscarraige last year, so have had plenty of bloodwork done in the last 12 months and have never had heightened iron levels, so I know this is a relatively new thing.

I guess I'm wanting to hear any info or experience anyone else has had similar to this in the early stages of pregnancy?

I'm freaking out using google as Grave's Disease keeps popping up as the most common autoimmune diagnosis from overactive thyroid. My nurse friend has tried to assure me that I do not possess any of the classic symptoms of Grave's, which generally is the way in which they diagnose along with the blood testing.

I'm hoping that this may be a case of Gestational Transient Thyrotoxicosis - onset with pregnancy, is monitored during, and then buggers off afterwards!

I also think I remember reading somewhere that over active thyroids can potentially be caused by stress - is that right? My job is a bit stressful, I must admit!

Has anyone else gone through this?

Yes,I have and was diagnosed with two of pregnancy and now am diagnosed with under-active Thyroid due to recent blood test.My second child is 14months now and they did warn me that my Thyroid may go up and down and I may need to take medications.Apparently, this is very common in pregnancy and the early they detect it for the safer for your baby.
Hi, I had hyperthyroidism during my two pregnancies. I was diagnosed as having 'subclinical hyperthyroidism of pregnancy '. The majority of cases hyperthyroidism is caused by Graves' disease and can be checked through a blood test. I don't have it. What can happen is as hcg levels rise, tsh levels decrease (bit hard to explain briefly, but the body gets confused and the pituitary gland over compensates). It then improves as hcg levels steady as the pregnancy progresses. I was just monitored during pregnancy, for tsh t3 and t4 to make sure it didn't go too crazy. My tsh went down as low as 0.01 and my endocrinologist wasn't too concerned. I found a good explanation somewhere on the web for it, i could try and search for it again if you like? I didn't have any symptoms either. Apparently it can be just one of those things. I did have a few miscarriages, but they were not related to this issue. Best of luck, please let us know how you go.
Hi F G and Cordurkes2002 thanks so much for replying, it always helps my concerns when I hear of others that have been through a similar situation and have come out the other end absolutely fine! So you both carried to full term without any big issues despite the thyroid levels? How early were your levels detected?

I've chatted some more with my GP and she has said the endocrinologist is keen for me to have some more bloodwork done before I go to the hospital's "High Risk Maternity" ward to see the specialist.

My free t4 (thyroxine) are the levels that were particularly high, which she reiterated usually points to either Grave's Disease (which is generally the more common of the two - however my GP was quick to point out I have no symptoms of this apart from the raised free T4 levels) or Gestational Thyroiditis.

The specialist has asked my GP to run more bloodwork next week, as apparently raised hCG levels can confuse the body and raise thyroxine levels for a small amount of time.

So I guess next week I'll have a better idea of whether this will be an ongoing issue or not. My GP seemed confident that it is a pregnancy-related issue, as opposed to an ongoing thryoid issue, but I guess only time will tell.

The specialist has booked me in for 2 week's time, once further bloodwork is in and we'll take it from there.

I'm feeling a little more confident than I was the other day - especially thanks to your replies.

Thanks again and I will update next week with my results smile


I have been diagnosed with Hyperhtyroidism in 2007 so I have had it for years. I am now 26 weeks pregnant and I have not had any problems at all. I just need to do blood tests more regularly to keep track of my hormones levels. My doctor assured me Hyperhtyroidism in pregnancy is not a problem as long as you take care of it and have regular blood tests, I just had to take higher dosage of pills to make sure it is enough for both of us, me and the baby:)
The only thing is that I have been feeling really tired and sleepy during all of my pregnancy which is also normal when you have Hyperhtyroidism. Your hormone levels change a lot during pregnancy and so if you have Hyperhtyroidism they change even more- sometimes I can "feel" the drop of the hormone levels from minute to minute and it can make me feel dizzy. When this happens I just rest and sit down/lay down and it usually passes after 10, 15 minutes:)
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