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40+ and preggers Lock Rss

Hi! Are there any 40+ mums out there who are interested in starting a group? I had my first daughter at 40 and the experience was amazing. I'm surprised to see info in the media that makes a deal of being my age and pregnant - I don't feel old for having kids. So my idea is to get a topic going to see if others feel the same, or if first timers would like some enthusiastic support? I'm in Auckland and would be keen for coffee catch-ups once the babies are born too.

Have a great week everyone...
You could try starting your own Facebook group or look around on Facebook for a group? I'm nowhere near 40 but my aunt had her last child at 42 and one of my great aunt's had her last child at 50. Obviously, for many women having a child at 40+ is difficult or not at all possible even after IVF. Still, I support the right of women to have children past 40, however, everyone has to be aware that many women are no longer fertile after 40. I think that's why the media makes a big deal out of being a 40+ mother.

There's many benefits though, my aunt was far more patient with her youngest child than her older two and she was more stable financially. She had lived more, so she didn't feel like she was missing out. I definitely think sometimes when you have kids in your early 20's for instance you sacrifice more initially in terms of career and being young. I can't just go out to a party with friends that are my age and don't have children. I won't have the same youthful freedom that someone who delayed having children would. Having children in your 20's, 30's or 40's all have their drawbacks and benefits. I think it's great you enjoy your situation and I'm sure there are plenty of other first time mums in their 40's who will have the same experience as you do. Best of luck with your group smile
Thanks for your reply Mariech. Wow, your Great Aunt deserves a medal having a child at 50, what a legend! You're spot on with saying that there are advantages and drawbacks for having kids at any age. Being a Mum is such a privilege no matter what your age or situation. All the best...
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