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First time pregnancy and need some advice Lock Rss

Hi all, I just need some advice from you. This is my first pregnancy and I am 12 weeks now. I have seen GP once to clarify if I am pregnant or not. She did some blood test and urine test. I also did my first ultra sound. Since then I haven't seen any doctor or haven't book any appointment with any midwife or doctors. Can anyone tell me what's my next step and what I have to do now. Do I book my hospital now, whom should I book? What doctors do I have to see until I give a birth. I am thinking about going to gosford private hospital for birth. If then do I book midwife there? Does your midwife or any other doctors you see charge you every time when you see them? I am not from australia originally so I don't know anything how it works. Please help me and give me some advices that you know. It will be a lot helpful. Thank you

Hey, did speak to your doctor about the option of going through a midwife vs an obstetrician? If you have a high risk pregnancy, your doctor may recommend seeing an obstetrician rather than a midwife. You may wish to see the doctor again and ask your doctor's opinion. Get all your blood tests, ultra sounds and urine tests printed off at your doctor's appointment so you are ready to take them to your midwife or obstetrician's appointment.

If you're doctor thinks it is okay for you to have your pregnancy monitored by the midwives, I would then make an appointment with the midwifery clinic at your hospital. Bring all your tests with you to show the midwife and the midwife will book all your appointments through the clinic from there, for instance your 20 week ultrasound, further blood tests to determine if you have any nutritional deficiencies in your pregnancy that need to be addressed, plus check ups to monitor your baby's growth and see how you are going etc. It may depend on the clinic but at my clinic I could choose if I wanted one midwife (which I did) who will see me through the entire pregnancy and then see me every few days for 2 weeks after my baby is born to make sure the baby and I are okay.

When you have only one midwife attending your entire pregnancy, this is called Midwifery Group Practice.

You can can also choose the Midwives Clinic option which is when there is more than one midwife who will attend to your pregnancy and see you at your appointments.

I personally like the Midwifery Group Practice because I get to know my midwife and she gets to know my pregnancy and my body. You build a relationship of trust with your midwife and it's important they know all your history and your body for when you deliver your baby. A good midwife can make you sure your birth goes well, so my advise is you want to go through a midwife (so long as you're low risk) Midwifery Group Practice is a nice option.

I would recommend attending antenatal classes where you learn things like how to wash a newborn baby, how to swaddle them in blankets, how to change a nappy if you don't already know how and pain management when you give birth. So, as well as seeing a midwife you can choose to do antenatal classes to prepare you to be a mum for the first time. You get to ask the person giving the lessons questions and you have other women in your antenatal classes who are in your position and are also first time mums.
Thank you Mariech, this is very helpful. I like the idea of midwifery group practice. I will see my doctor again and get all previous results. I don't feel any pain or anything at the moment except morning sickness. So I think I am fine to go to midwife but I will discuss it with the doctor. Thank you again smile
Hi there, I'm 35 weeks and started off seeing only my GP at the doctors clinic, I continued to see my GP for anti natal care up until about 20 weeks, she then offered me the choice to choose between shared care with her and the midwives at the hospital, or just the midwives at the hospital and vice versa, it's up to you whether you choose to see both or just one, in my opinion it's a lot better to transfer your care to the midwives at your local hospital because its free and they are much more in depth than regular gp's as they specialise in anti natal care. All you need to do is speak to your doctor about transferring your care to the midwive/s at the hospital, your dr should give you a form to take to your hospital called a "booking in form" and once you do that, they will make an appointment for you to start your anti natal care with them, from there, the midwives you are seeing will then continue to make follow up appointments for you, approximately 4 weeks apart until you get closer to your due date then the visits become more regular, like weekly. Good luck with it all, it's very easy, just speak with your doctor and he/she will give you options for anti natal care and should point you in the right direction.
Really consider the midwives at your local hospital, they are great to chat too, about any worries or concerns you have, mine are always friendly and happy to answer any questions I have, and they spend alot time with you, where as a regular GP is more interested in getting you in and out in 10 minutes.

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