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When did you tell people you were pregnant? Lock Rss

Hi all. I got a positive on Friday so am 4 weeks pregnant (second child). Yay!

Just wondering when you told everyone you were pregnant? It is so hard not to tell immediate family!

With our first we told immediate family at about 5.5 weeks, and then everyone else at about 10 weeks. I think I want to wait a bit longer this time just to make sure everything is okay. Plus it makes it harder because I don't want our son to know before we are ready to tell people outside immediate family in case he says something. At 5 years old we certainly can't expect him to keep it a secret!
We told every one around the 7 week mark. With our current pregnancy at 8 weeks after we had a scan and we seen a heart beat. It is so hard to keep secret and my family susses it out pretty quickly anyway. We also wanted to be the one to tell our 5 year old and not have to hear it from someone else.
Hi ya I told immediate family pretty much as soon as we found out that being his parents mine and our brothers sisters. The rest we told after the 12 weeks scan we did not wait the extra 10 days for the combined screening results tho.
My first two I announced at 5 weeks as I was in a dangerous job and needed to go on light duties as soon as I knew, so we told family and friends quickly so it wouldn't leak back from work when I told them. My 3rd we announced at 9 weeks, at our wedding. Our 4th we announced at 15 weeks, on Christmas day. I loved having the secret longer, we kind of a fun thing to share with my hubby. I show like crazy, really early on though, so was hard to explain the baggy clothes in summer
I found it hard to keep a secret as its so exciting !! So I told my immediate family the day after I found out (about 4-5weeks) but waited till the 12 week mark to tell friends and other relatives. Just to be on the safe side, although it was hard, people can tell anyway, I suspiciously stopped drinking and smoking, and was like "Oh, I'm just not feeling well so I'm going on a health kick" lol
Pretty sure they suspected pregnancy. Lol

Congratulations. smile My first bub I had to tell work when I found out in case anything happened, I was going to keep it a secret from everybody else until the 12 week mark but then my mum was in a bad car accident (luckily she wasn't too badly injured) so I decided to tell her then rather than waiting. My second little jellybean is going to remain a secret until the 12 week mark. We have told immediate family (after the first scan to confirm it) but nobody else needs to know just yet. Although I am feeling pretty impatient right now. Lol.
Hi there,
My first pregnancy we told family after our first ultrasound which was 8 weeks and than everyone else at about 12weeks. After i had that bub i fell pregnant again and told our close family and friends at 8weeks again and than happened to have a miscarriage at 12 weeks. Than fell pregnant twice after that and told no body and unfortunately miscarried both at 11weeks. So after about 3 months I have found out i am 5 weeks pregnant so we have decided not to tell anyone this time until later on in the pregnancy.
Congrats. I got a positive test tonight smile smile This is my 2nd too.
With my first, I told my immediate family after the doctors confirmation so around 5 weeks and then the rest of the world at 12 weeks. I'm thinking I might hold off telling the immediate family for a few more weeks....if I can.

Thanks everyone and congrats Blake's Mummy!

I think we will tell immediate family after the 8 week appointment. I will try hold off until 10 weeks and then let everyone else know at 12 weeks.

I'm dying to tell my mum and sister though!
I tell my partner (obviously) and mom straight away.
Congratulations!! We told our parents first at about 7 weeks, then brothers and sisters next at about 9 weeks. Everyone else we waited till after we had our 12 week scan and blood test results back, so that was around 15 weeks. Super hard keeping it quiet from some people, but also nice to have a few weeks where only the immediate family knew smile
I told my husband strait away (he was waiting outside the toilet door lol) and my sister and my parents after the first scan at 6 weeks. Then I told everyone else at 14 weeks as i was waiting for our genetic testing to come back.

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