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Hi Im a newbie and just found out Im pregnant....again! Lock Rss

Hi all Im a newbie, as the title suggests, and just found out Im pregnant again. This will be baby number 5 and Im terrified. We already have a 10yo boy, 7yo twin girls and a 5yo girl. This baby is a complete surprise as 8 weeks ago I had a large ovarian cyst removed which resulted in removal of my left ovary and tube and DH and I honestly only had sex once.

Is there anyone else on here who has a big family?
Hi Elizabethkate , i have just found out im about 4 weeks pregnant with baby no 9 so i definitely have a big family. This peanut was a big surprise to as i have just been diagnosed with endometriosis and had my implanon removed only 5 weeks ago smile
I have large family too. DD22, DS17, DD13, DS12, DD10, DD8, DD5. I had a MC of twins (1 at 11w5d and then the other at 12w2d) back in march 2015 so this one is a shock to us to happen so quickly.. Currently 8w and 2d.. very worried though about another mc because they are so close together and It was really bad ( 2 haemorrhages, 2 ambulance trips, the whole works before a D&C was carried out). Fingers crossed. We haven't told any of the kids this time yet as they all took it quite hard with the twins and the little ones still get upset if they are mentioned. Waiting for that magic 12-15 wks mark to let the rest of the family know.

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