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5 week scan no baby. Is that normal? Lock Rss

Hi Ladies,

This is my 3rd pregnancy and my EDD is 19th February 2016. I had my scan a few days ago there's a sack but no sign of a baby yet. I thought nothing of it until my midwife appt this morning when she said my pregnancy may not be viable or it was to early to tell yet. Has anyone else had this. I have to now wait 2 weeks for another scan an two sets of bloods to see if my hcg levels has doubled. I'm having a minor freak out. Help!!!

I haven't had this personally but i'm pretty sure 5 weeks its give & take if you will be able to see anything as its super early. Try not to stress & see what your blood results bring. Good luck I hope its just to early & this is your sticky bean!!

Yep I've had it happen twice. I have to have a scan early because of medical reasons but with my first two the same thing was said. Sack was measuring perfect for round that time but there was no evidence of baby and therefore couldn't confirm if it was viable. With my third and current (4th) pregnancy I tried to hold out a little longer so I knew there would be something to see. At this point I would not worry about it unless they said your sac was looking small for 5 weeks.

The best time for an early scan is 7-8wks then you are more likely to see a HB too. That's pretty standard for 5wks

Miss one was just a sack at my 5 week scan. They did an internal and saw nothing also.
At 8 weeks i went back and she was there.
I also had this happen. Had early scan as previous pregnancy was ectopic so had to check this one was ok. Only saw sack, no baby. Had another scan 2 weeks later and bubs was there.

You could also be slight out with your dates also, possibly ovulated later than usual? That turned out to be the case with me also so they revised my due date by 1 week after the next scan.

This sounds much like my situation. We went for our first scan two weeks ago, thinking we were 6-7 weeks (we were coming off a failed IVF cycle and I have varied cycles so had no idea really). The scan showed a sac measuring around 5 weeks and that was it. We were told to have my HCG measured to see if that was good and if it was come back 2 weeks later for a follow-up scan. My HSG came back at 45,000 on the wednesday (which was up from 41007 days earlier) and then a bit over 60,000 by Friday which my GP was happy with.

What was more annoying is when I rang to book my current appointment she asked how far along I would be (I said 7 weeks based on the previous scan) and she said they don't normally do them before 8 weeks!! No one mentioned that to us when I booked the first one and I would have put the original scan off two weeks if they had told me and we possibly wouldn't be dealing with the current stress!! Hoping to go tomorrow and see something!! *fingers crossed*
Just thought I would update. We went for our follow-up scan today and they could see our little bub. It is measuring 8w1d and she was able to measure the heartbeat. It all looked like fuzziness on the screen but she said for this point all looks good!

Good luck everyone else!!
That sounds about right! I was unsure of my dates and my first scan was just a small gestational sac, so I went back the next week (yesterday) and all they saw was the sac, a yolk sac and a possible fetal pole. I have to go back for another scan next week.

She is dating my scan yesterday at about 5.5 weeks, so will be about where you are now. I know its hard but have hope that your next scan will have your bubs there smile
I'm having a similar experience however haven't had any good news yet. This is my 2nd pregnancy we have a 2 and half year old daughter. Going by dates I'm due 21 Feb which puts me shy of 8 weeks this Sunday. Had 2nd scan 2 days ago and no fetal pole. Hcg levels were 360 2 weeks ago and went up to 700 48 hrs later. This Wednesday they were 2050 and then today's were 2450. I'm freaking out! Apariently these numbers are not good and have to go back on Monday for another scan and more tests. I'm devistated.
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