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Hey mums I know this may be a silly question but I am needing others input
,I am after some advice... I had my daughter 9 weeks ago; my partner and I started sleeping together when my bleeding fully stopped which was around 12-13 days. I haven't been exclusively breastfeeding since my daughter was 4 weeks old due to having major complications. 2 weeks Ago I started to bleed (assuming it was my first period) I only bled for one day then had really really light spotting for 2-3 days so light I didn't have to wear a pad or tampon. I have been feeling constant nausea, been off certain foods I have a huge heightened sense of smell, vivid dreams, pretty much all the pregnancy symptoms apart from tender boobs... I tested today and it said negative, has one else experienced anything similar so close to giving birth. Could I be pregnant again or is this all in my head, any experience with sort of thing appreciated xx
I'd say there's three possibilities. If you're not exclusively breastfeeding you could definitely be pregnant. I'd redo a pregnancy test in a few days. It's also possible since 2 weeks ago you had what was probably a period you're now ovulating which is giving you those symptoms. Lastly it's possible you're about to get another period giving you those symptoms.

I found when my cycle started back up initially it was completely different to before bub and it took a while to settle back to normal. For me my period was super light like what you described initially (I've heard some people get a horror first period thats very heavy so definitely happy mine went the other way). During that time I was much more effected by hormones that I normally would be. It took me 4 cycles before mine went back to being regular and were anything from 2.5-11 weeks apart for those first few periods.

If you're not exclusively breastfeeding and don't want another bub arriving in the near future I'd get onto some contraception asap!
I know this sounds funny but also check your iron levels. For me those symptoms if not pregnancy means iron levels are low which usually happens within a short time after giving birth, for me about 3 months. Remember your body is giving everything to your new bundle. It can also easily be your hormones trying to rebalance. I would retest in a week or so just to be sure
My bub was 4 months old, I was exclusively breastfeeding, on the mini pill AND hadn't had my period back AND I STILL GOT PREGNANT.

Go and get a test. I was in total denial for about a month but my hubby noticed I was throwing up every time I'd try and drink a coffee, had a super strong sense of smell and was really dizzy. I put it down to a mineral deficiency or something because I was breastfeeding. Erm, wrong! My bub is now 2 months old (and I have a 17 month old). HUGE shock but wouldn't change it for the world now.
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