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I was wondering if any mums who live in the Hutt Valley, Wellington could recommend a good midwife or a good midwife practice?

Has anyone had or know much about these midwives?
- Lynley Thomas - Hutt Valley Midwives
- Courtney Boreham - Birthworks


Hi Star!

Big congrats on getting your BFP!!! Not sure if I can help you too much but I live in Lower Hutt and am seeing Shari Bewley from Midwifery Care. Her back up is Kerry and i can't remember her last name. They are both awesome though I have yet to meet Kerry in person (she helped me with my mc in Feb). I'm pretty sure all the midwives from their run their clinics from Valley Ultrasound. So quite convenient to have it all in the one place.

A few parents from my work have used the midwives from Birth Works and were happy with them. Don't think it was the one you mentioned.

Good Luck!

Hi & congratulations smile

Both my sister and I used Catriona Pratt based in Boulcott and she was amazing. Easy to talk to and covers all the bases. Highly recommend her.
Thank you ladies.

Krista how is this pregnancy going? Past the 12w mark yet? Kerry looks really good, she does water births which is what I want. Might give her a ring.

Thanks Binkyz, that's really interesting because I have read some bad reviews on Catriona on the treasures website. Glad she is working really well for you.

Hi Star

Things are going good! I'm at 15 weeks today. The last few months have been interesting with all the changes that are happening! I haven't had much morning sickness but have been incredibly tired. It's slowly getting better! Definitely understand the meaning of tired during pregnancy!

How are you getting on with finding a midwife?
Oh that's great, really glad to hear things are going well.

Im heading to the GP tomorrow, so will start ringing some midwives after that. Haven't made my final decision on who I will ring yet, but your suggestions are at the top. Thank you again.

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