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Slight spotting in early pregnancy Lock Rss

Hi all, i found out a week ago we are pregnant with our third after 11 cycles ttc! Very thrilled as you can imagine. However on Wednesday i had one tiny bit of brown tinged cm (sorry if tmi). Nothing Thursday, the most miniscule amount Friday and then a slight bit again today.
They have been such small amounts, not accompanied by any cramping or anything whatsoever but it's put me so much on edge and making me very nervous, anxious and scared.
Has anybody experienced this in early pregnancy?
I rang the midwives and she said it didn't sound sinister and just to go and get 2 hcg blood tests done 2 days apart to check it is doubling. She was lovely and great but just looking for some support/advice from others who may have gone through this.
Tia xxoo
Congratulations on your pregnancy. I had spotting early in my pregnancies, from around 5 wks to 12 weeks. Sometimes light, sometimes a bit heavier and ranged from brownish to pinkish and sometimes red. Apparently I have a sensitive cervix and it tended to happen after BD. If you are worried at all, maybe see if they can give you an ultrasound, just to keep your mind at ease. Best of luck, I hope everything goes smoothly for you.
Thank you very much for your response. I appreciate you taking the time smile
I truly hope this spotting is just something like that and nothing more sinister.
Hello Ellek1,

I had pains and some blood on my first pregnancy at 11 weeks so went to get it checked out, they were very kind but assured me it was nothing to worry about and it wasn't unusual.

But I would say better to be safe than sorry, you're not losing anything getting it checked out if it continues or if you're worried.

All the best, it's well worth it!
I had some bleeding (bright red) at 7 weeks. I thought for sure I was losing bub and had an ultrasound the following day. U/s showed a small 2cm subchorionic hematoma. It sorted itself out pretty quickly & I am now almost 20 weeks pregnant with a healthy little boy.
I am 8 weeks today and had brown discharge from about 5weeks. A scan showed a subchorionic hematoma which at my 7w scan had disappeared and now I have no brown discharge.

I did have some red bleeding one night, but believe that was from my cervix rather than anything sinister.

A scan will pick up the hematoma and although if you google it says there is a slight increased risk of miscarriage with them, my midwife seemed to think the majority work themselves out smile
Thank you ladies for your replies. I really appreciate it.
I had my first lot of blood work done this morning and will get hcg results tomorrow and a repeat test Wednesday so see if it is doubling. It's going to be a long week..
Had little more brown discharge this morning. If it continues I'm going to push for an early ultrasound. I know they may not see a heartbeat yet but hopefully it may show where the discharge is coming from or something..
Fx it's all good in the results department.
I spotted right throughout my pregnancy. I think the general rule is, if its fresh/frank blood, notify your gp/obgyn/midwife etc. But honestly, i had it regularly (darker), right up until 3rd trimester. Delivered healthy twins smile) Think positively. xx
I was diagnosed with a 45ml perisac haematoma at 12 weeks. I am now 15 weeks and I still get brown spotting nearly every day.. the sac is shrinking very slowly ( latest scan showed 33ml) but every scan ive had (weekly) show a happy kicking bub with a good heartbeat.. I got told if its just a light spotting and brown no big deal but if it turns red or a full period type bleed to go straight to ED for immediate treatment.

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