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Hi lovely ladies sorry I haven't been on much, only can use this site when I have my iPad coz it doesn't work on the iPhone. I have a c-section booked in for Thursday coz the baby is big and my ob doesn't think I will be able to push the baby out

Great to hear from you.

I hope all goes well next week.

Please let us know how everything goes.

Good luck.

Great to hear from you Chickadee Peanut! smile
Wow that has come around so quickly smile
Are you all organised?

Yey! Another angel is sent from above! God bless!
Good luck Chickadee!

Good luck today. I hope all goes well.

Enjoy all the firsts and the great newborn cuddles.

I hope you are enjoying those newborn cuddles by now! smile

Hope all went well and you're recovering nicely! What did you have? Best wishes to you all x
We had a boy smile his name is Liam and he is just perfect smile

Yay congratulations!!! smile
Any chance of a quick pic?

Congrats!!!! I hope all went well and you are having a great recovery.

Enjoy all the firsts and the great newborn cuddles.

Congrats Chickadee! Enjoy your gorgeous baby boy!

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