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ultrasound after previous miscarriage Lock Rss

Best time for ultrasound after having a previous missed miscarriage. Im currently 6weeks 4days. Im thinking of waiting till 7weeks so can see things better but its more for peace of mind rather than due date.

All the best. Everything will be fine smile .
I have just found out I'm pregnant after trying for five years and had a miscarriage in 2012.... will be very nervous to hear heartbeat!!
I usually go around 7-8wks so your more likely to see a heartbeat

Yes i went thinking i was 7 weeks but was 6 weeks 2 days at the time but did see little bean with a flicker heartbeat.

i found out i had a missed miscarriage at my 8 week dating scan in june, i am now 5 weeks pregnant and like you want my scan more for peace of mind than dating, i have booked in for oct 16th which will make me 6 week and 4 days, i had been advised anything past 6 weeks should be ok and the person booking the scan agreed to book me in knowing how far along i will be.
I've had 3 missed miscarriages, at 11w, 8.2w & 8.3 weeks after having good heartbeats at 7w, I'm currently 7w2d and not having a scan and OB appointment until 9w, it driving me crazy not knowing what going on but I think it easier than having regular scans cause last time that made me more anxious. I'm positive this time because i've had no bleeding unlike my previous pregnancies which i bled all the way through.
I'm wishing you all the best for a happy healthy pregnancy
I found out this tuesday at 12week scan that our baby stopped growing at 6weeks 5 days 3 days after our last scan where we saw bean and a heartbeat. Were devastated and about to go thru the miscarriage in next few days. Wish you all well

Gem i had no bleeding at all yet either had no idea untill the scan tuesday. Its been 6weeks and i didnt know sad

So sorry for your loss.

Hi Peta,
So sorry for your loss, when i found i had a missed miscarriage at my 8 week scan ( baby showed to have stopped developing at 6 weeks 2 days ) i had also had no bleeding or pain so had no signs of anything being wrong. The doctors told me i would probably bleed in the next few days, the waiting then was the hardest so i know what you are going through. After 3 weeks i still hadn't bled so the doctor advised to have a d&c. I am sorry you are going through this
Yes its been 6weeks since it died and ive had no bleeding so im starting medical mangement tomorrow i had a d&c on may 1 and was horrible so going other option this time i know it wont be any better

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