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When did you tell your employer you're pregnant Lock Rss

Hi ladies, just wondering when you told your employer your expecting? I'm concerned about needing time off unexpectedly and how to handle it with them.
I told my boss at around 12 weeks. Give them plenty of time to arrange a temporary replacement and organise maternity leave and what not. Don't be too shy to tell them early, most employers are happy to accommodate pregnant employees. It's your right as a woman smile

I told them as soon as I got back from my last maternity leave haha don't think they were too happy. My babies will be 15 months apart and i will be JUST be making the 6 month requirement to get another lot of leave. Last time I told them as soon as I found out as I was quite sick with the nausea.

I think my company's policy is for your leave and things to be sorted out around 3 months out from your due date. But if you hadn't told them by then I'm sure it would be showing wink
I told my work at about 5 weeks as that's when I got a call from the GP with my HCG results and I got a bit teary (had a MC two months before so hearing the results was quite emotional!) Working as a early childhood teacher and working with only women, I knew it wouldn't be long before someone would know! They've been so supportive. I've only just sorted out my maternity leave but they have known I'm high risk so it's been a bit of playing it by ear for a while. Will be stopping at 32 weeks (10 weeks to go!) in hopes to avoid pre eclampsia etc

Maybe check if your work does have a policy other wise it's totally up to you how and when you tell them.
Thanks ladies.

I'm the only woman in my work place and I'm worried about morning sickness & if something goes wrong and I needed time off - how would I explain it. I'm thinking I will just tell my employer. When I'm ready I will tell everyone else. I'm hoping to finish up early too, as I have a stressful Job. I'm thinking around 32 weeks.
I told to my boss around 10 weeks. It is good to tell them early so that they will replace your position and you can discuss about your maternity leave.
I think that I'll tell my boss as soon as I find out. smile He seems like a good guy, so I think it won't be a problem. But this matter differs from case to case. I've herd for some less pleasant happenings... sad
i told m boss around 5 weeks for first pregnancy because i was vomiting all the time. second pregnancy was same at 5 weeks but actually had to stop working as had hypermesis gravidium and was dry wrenching all the time and vomiting when i wasn't dr writhing and need up in hospital for iv fluids all the time. IF i had the choice i would have waited till end of first trimester and discreetly investigated all the policies on the matter at work and with centelrink so i knew what i wanted when i made the discrete announcement.
I ended up telling my employer when I broke down in tears after I made a mistake at work, all those hormones! I think it was at about 16 weeks and I wanted to say something before I was showing. I have a 0 hour contract so it wasn't important to tell them early as I won't be needing a replacement.
I've told two close colleagues, but will tell my boss when I have my 12 week scan, if all looks good!
I told my boss when I was about 16 weeks.
Even if you're the only female, chances are some of the guys are dad's and they will understand just fine.
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