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When did you tell your employer you're pregnant Lock Rss

about 10 weeks
I didn't tell until 17 weeks because I was nervous, everyone was happy and supportive when I told them smile
I told my boss around 6 weeks as I wasnt feeling the best at the time. She has kept it quiet till Im ready to tell others which is great - almost time to do so
I told them after three months ( 12 weeks ) and was fortunate I was in Government at the time . However , every employers conditions are different , but mainly it is best to tell them and discuss arrangements with them . This is a natural part of life and most are quite supportive especially if you get along with him/her. Good luck for the future .
I initially told my boss when I first found out, which was 9+3.
I didn't file for PPL or hand my annual leave notices in until January of this year. As long as it's 3 months before the EDD of your bub, you're fine.
Most women wait until 12 weeks which is when your chance of miscarriage dramatically decreases.
I had just found out myself, I was around 9-10 weeks (not ideal) but he asked me, why I was needing time off quite a bit for appointments etc was I okay. So I just didnt beat around the bush and told him.
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