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Ovarian cyst during pregnancy Lock Rss

Hi there, I am 8 weeks 2 days pregnant and just found out that I have a 5.1cm cyst on my left ovary. It's been quite painful over the last couple of weeks and I'm freaking out as I recently lost a baby in May at 19 weeks. Are there any ladies out there who have been diagnosed with the same type of thing or have been through this in the past?

Would love to hear your stories!

Katelin xx
I too found out I had a cyst this pregnancy. They said it is normal and all women get them as that is the side you ovulated from however some Continue to grow. My Ob said that from 12 weeks when the placenta takes over so it starts to reduce in size.
I see, thank you for sharing. I have read that quite a few women get them, some even growing to 20cm in size. I guess since my last pregnancy didn't work out I am freaking out over every little thing this time. I am hoping that it will start to go down in size, I haven't been to see my doctor, I see her on Monday but the sonographer said anything over 5cm they usually keep a close eye on it.
I had one right before i found out i was pregnant that ruptured and oh boy was it painful! If you have any agonising pain in the lower abdomen on which ever side your cyst is on, don't freak out, it may have burst but will not harm your baby.
It's very painful but other than the pain there is no complications from an ovarian cyst.
I have been told by my ob I have multiple cysts on my ovaries remaining, and they are quite common and harmless other than the excruciating pain they cause when they burst!!
I wouldn't worry, your baby is protected in the uterus and amniotic sac so nothing like a cyst could do any damage. Enjoy your pregnancy smile

I had one during my pregnancy with my daughter. They rechecked 6 months postpartum and it had resolved, but it turns out I have PCOS. Ask your doctor for a recheck after bubs is born. Good luck!
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