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Baby smaller than should be... Lock Rss

Hey I am abit worried, im 29 weeks pregnant and my last 3 scans my daughter has been smaller than what she should be, my midwife has put my scan results through to the hospital in hopes to see why my baby girl is smaller than she should be and for my pains I've been having, has anyone gone through this and baby just small or what??? Im a first time mum and have lost 5 bubs before this baby.
Yes my girl was always small in fundal height then one checkup she fell more behind so gave me a scan to ses why and if all was ok she was born small bit all was good
Yes I have been in you position. My DD was small she was only 2.19kg (4p13oz) born. She stopped growing at 37 weeks and was born at 38 weeks. Yes she was tiny but that was all. She was very healthy. She is now 9 years old and still small. It's not all bad. I hope that all is well and you are just having a small baby. It is not uncommon.

Good luck. Let us know how you get on.

Wow, how scary for you sad
It is terribly frightening isn't it, well that is what I found.
DS1 was measuring small with my midwife tape measure and so she sent me for a scan (this was about 32 weeks I think, and then we had regular scans and baby slowed up and then stopped growing, we were induced at 38 weeks and he was a bit on the small side - 5lb 2oz, and my placenta was quite small and calcified.
DS2 we were scanned regularly from before 30 weeks (sorry I can't remember how often), at about 33 weeks his size plateaued, I panicked hard out, and was determined to keep this baby growing and would try anything. We were already going to a hypno birthing course and the lady suggested I made a real effort to breath using my tummy - expanding tummy when breathing in. She also recommended I see her friend who is a homeopath, I had an hour or so session with this lady and we talked about everything. I was feeling stressed and worried about my baby and my sisters had had some bad luck with their children and was thinking I would be next. She gave me so pills to help with stress, and I took these and concentrated on my tummy breathing whenever I remembered - mainly laying in bed at night.
DS2 growth picked up and in the end was over due, again he wasn't massive, but a respectable 6lb 15oz.
It may have been that he would have picked up his growth anyway, or that the scan was incorrect, but my advice would be to do the tummy breathing as this also helps you relax, and after the bad run you have had up until now I would be stressing about this precious little one.
Good Luck, and let us know how you go

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