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Sacred & Worried!! Lock Rss

Hi guys,

I'm feeling really worried and scared right now... I am apparently 9wks & 3days today. I have not yet gone for my first trimester scan and this third pregnancy was definitely planned.

I had sex with hubby at 1am today & after sex I rinsed myself with water and soap because I had previously had a UTI but now I am in the clear so now I do everything I can to prevent from getting another UTI so rinsing yourself after having sex is one of those things.

I went to sleep straight after and woke up around 3am to get up for a pee. As I was wiping myself I notice I had a pink spot on the tissue. I did this 3 times and the pink spot was still there. I was freaking out because I knew spotting wasn't a good sign!! It wasn't heavy and I did have cramps with it as well!! I went straight back to sleep after an hour of being awake and concern.

Now I am feeling fine, no symptoms and no sign of spotting. I have arranged to see a random GP at 3pm, as it's a Sunday so I'm unable to see my GP & the Healthdirect have advised me to see a GP ASAP! I am freaking OUT right now... Has anyone one else gone through this...?? This is my third pregnancy and I have never gone through this sporting experience before so it's real strange to me!

I fee like I'm jinxing everything because this pregnancy is planned and it's so much harder as well. I'm feeling so depressed so easily, I get angry so quickly and I get so exhausted so quickly too. I can't even hold my newborn nephew without feeling so exhausted after 3mins. I feel like I'm 5 months and not 9wks, with how dramatic I've been feeling lately... Time is going by so slow as well and I wish I could just talk to someone about it but I can't coz we're not telling anyone about our bundle of joy until I'm 12wks to be on the safe side!!

My other pregnancies have been an accident & it all went smoothly as I didn't have a care in the world with what I ate & stuff. I use to be one of those ladies that would say "oh pregnancy is such a wonderful fun experience I would do it again in a heart beat". This time around I am so OVER it already! This one I have gone through so much like the UTI and being on antibiotics, depression and now the bleeding. What more can go wrong! I'm feeling so worried about this pregnancy... I kind of wish I never planned it and didn't want it so much and maybe it would've been a different story...

My moods swings are all over the place!! Is it just an age thing? Is it really mind over matter..?? Love to hear evryone else's story and congratulations to you all xx

I've had spotting after sex too, apparently I have a sensitive cervix. Spotting happened for me from about 5-10 wks with my pregnancies and have two healthy kiddies. Hopefully everything will be okay. They'll likely send you for hcg blood tests a few days apart and hopefully an ultrasound too. Talk to your GP about your feelings too if you feel up to it. All the best smile

Thank you for your reply it really helped me through this strange time. It's so lovely to hear that your kids are all healthy even though you had some bleeding too.

I thought to give an update on my case just incase someone out there is probably going through something similar. So I ended up going to the pregnancy birth emergency centre & the doctor there just did a quick ultrasound. From the look of it all he said there's nothing to be worried about. He said baby is fine & baby's heart beat is doing fine too. He reassured me to live life as normal & to not have sex for a couple of weeks. He also said it's very common for woman to bleed during pregnancy because apparently we're producing more blood vessels. I don't really quit understand it all but all I was concerned about was my baby's health and he said everything was all fine, so thank god! I also didn't have to do any blood test either so I am praying & hoping that this pregnancy will go perfectly fine after this crazy experience! But for the mean time there won't be no SEX going on haha grin

Thanks again hun for your wonderful reply!
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