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Tension headaches 2nd Trim Lock Rss

Hi all,
I went to the dr yesterday and after examination, he told me that I am suffering from tension headaches due to my early shifts at work. Not pre-eclampsia, deficiency, etc. All is healthy.

I work in at an airport so I start at 5am. I have found the last couple of months that in the middle of my shift, no matter how much sleep I get, water I drink, food I eat, I get headaches so bad to the point where it makes me feel physically ill.
He has given me a medical note to give to my manager to stop my morning shifts and swap to evening shifts because of the stress it is placing on my body, however, I am feeling quite nervous about it because she hasn't had kids herself and I don't really know how she'll react.

Anyone been in this situation before?
I had terrible headaches all throughout my pregnancy. I had them too before I was pregnant and being pregnant only made them worse, I wouldn't stress about your boss, you have a medical certificate and that means she can't say a thing to you about it, or do a thing in that matter. It's kind of discrimination of a pregnant lady if she was to say somthing about your condition or be pissed off with you.
She will just need to understand, and if she doesn't, too bad for her, you have a dr certificate. So nothing she can do about it. Good luck.

I found a couple of trips to a physio sorted out my pregnancy headaches... might be worth a try. my neck was out and it got so bad i ended up in ED with blurry vision / migraines. Good luck!
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